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The Insufferable Charlie Bass

“At this point, everything is on the table, … All possible offset options remain open, including reconsidering highway projects sought by members in the transportation bill.”~Congressman Charlie Bass


RINOism. Congressman Charlie Bass has demonstrated once again that he is the epitome of all things RINO. Bass, the Granite State’s most notable blue-blooded, Rockefellerian has once again talked a two-faced talk. Pure masterful double-speak.  

This morning in the Union Leader, Mark Hayward reports, “Rep. Charles Bass, R-N.H., continued Wednesday to voice some support for tax increases, telling a telephone town hall that he could see raising taxes for people who earn $250,000 or more, but only after 2014.” There is a strange irony in a rich guy talking about ?taxing the rich.” Bass also iterated (not in exact words) the old liberal mantra about the rich, ?paying their fair share.” Hayward reports that Bass  ?favors tax reforms that reduce loopholes and exemptions as well as the corporate tax rate.” 

Yet, on the phone with 107.7 WTPL’s ?Bull Dog” Brian Tilton this morning, Charlie the RINO, in a reassuring voice proclaimed to listeners, ?tax increases are off the table.” You have to give Charlie a little credit for knowing his audience and pandering accordingly.

Sound familiar? It should. It’s the recurring theme of former State Senator and class-warfare ?goobernatorial” candidate Mark Fernald. I bet the two have been keeping company lately…having those blue-blood conversations where top and bottom teeth remain clenched, irrespective of the syllablic usage…Sipping Toddy drinks with raised pinkies, and sharing commonalities of the Rockefellerian ilk.

Hailing from the land of the Contoocook Valley RINO club, it still is no surprise that voters put him back into office. For it will be the bane of this nation’s existence that, for all the Hegelian rhetoric of synthesis, this debt and budget problem will not be solved without concessions of increase spending, taxes and debt. For Charlie’s leadership represents the chaos and continuum of the status quo.


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