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The Shower Muse Asks An Important Question About the Left Wing

Shower HeadInspiration comes in strange places.  Dots connect, ideas coalesce, thoughts combine.  These kinds of events are most common for me in circumstances where it is almost impossible to write them down.  I often get revelations driving and have to pull over to write them down.  But the other morning it was in the shower.

I was getting ready to head up to the Nullify Now Tour event at SNHU in Manchester, on Saturday, when I had a thought.  It wasn’t a new thought, but somewhere between rinse, lather, and repeat what had previously been random musings got together to form a new way to present the idea and I was soaking wet with neither paper nor pencil anywhere nearby–not that I could use them in the present circumstances.

So I figured the thought was doomed.   Thousands of other things would crowd my mind, mug the thought, and leave it to die in an ally.  There it would lay slowly bleeding to death, unable to survive on the insubstantial life support of short term memory, unless I found it and resuscitated it.  

Writing it down usually allows me to preserve the thought so hours or days later, when I find it in my pants pocket while folding laundry fresh from the dryer, I can look at the pulpy looking turd with a furrowed brow and try to recall what the hieroglyphs meant when I committed them to writing.

(Sometimes the pulpy pocket turds are yellow; shout out to 3M for inventing Post-It notes.)

Well this thought must have been made of sturdy stuff.  Days later it was still alive.

So what was it?

What is it about the left and the suppression of human urges?

We want to eat, they want to tell us what and how much.

We seek comfort, but they insist on regulating our thermostats and lifestyles.

We need energy but they won’t let us use the cheap, available stuff.  It has to be a certain kind, even if there isn’t anyway to make it, move it, or stuff it airplanes, trains, or tractor trailers or use it to make the millions of materials made from plastic that require oil to make them.

And personal security–self defense, they object to that at every opportunity.  We should not feel any inclination to defend ourselves.  That is what dialing 9-1-1 is for.

We could go on at much greater length but why belabor the point?  In almost every case the lefts obsessive need to control as much of our lives as possible would stand in stark contrast to the one human urge they feel no inclination to suppress; one they actually encourage from as early an age as any given community will tolerate, and even then they do their best to ignore any effort to limit it.  I’m talking about sex.

To a leftist the government should control hunger and diet, comfort, the urge to survive, and most everything else….but fornication is beyond societal intervention.

This might explain why democrats in New Hampshire, particularly John Lynch (who was for parental notification before he was against it), believe a 13 year old girl has the right to have sex, get pregnant and then have a surgically invasive procedure to end that pregnancy, (protected by statutory force) without her parents knowing, but that same girl is incapable of making a decision (with the same parents) about her own education after the age of sixteen.  Perhaps if we passed a bill that allowed her to abort her public school education in secret, without telling her parents, it would be more popular with democrats?

SO what is up with liberal progressives and sex?  Why can’t the party of micro-management find an excuse to regulate behavior when it comes to human intercourse?