Is This The Hope And Change You Were Looking For? - Granite Grok

Is This The Hope And Change You Were Looking For?

Oil is skyrocketing, Obama won’t drill, and he’s got nothing on tap or even near on-tap to replace it.  Everyone hit hardest.

The Obama economic and monetary policy, despite ignoring obvious inflation on food and energy, cannot hide the affects of skyrocketing energy on everything, so the dam is about to break and inflation-locust are coming to eat up whatever is left in your wallet, or just your wallet if there is nothing left in it thanks to Obama economic and monetary policy.

We are at historically low work force participation rates.  So unemployment can still go down to 6% but if 20% or more of the work force is still unemployed regardless of how they juggle the numbers (with high energy and inflation) the misery index trumps the propaganda media spin.  (Hello Jimmy Carter!)

The only job Obama knows how to create is one you have to pay for with tax dollars. (Sorry, with more debt.)

Most of the world hates us, still?–except for angry regimes happy to see our power waning.  Those regimes still hate us, they are simply happy for the opportunity.  And while the the Middle East burns, the perfect opportunity for radical extremists to have several countries all their own, Obama has no idea what to do.  So what was that about on the job training again?

We have more debt than ever.  I mean Ever.

Screw States rights?  Voter intimidation?  Race politics?  Intimidation tactics?  Open Border? Declining global presence?  Submission to International/UN authority?

So is this the hope and change you were waiting for?  Because he’s going to try to lie his way back in for another four years worth of this.

We’ll be lucky to survive the first four.