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Nice tweets

A “Small Price to Pay” for Nice Tweets.

More than a few folks have had a political come-to Jesus moment during the brief reign of F. Joe Biden I (the First). It’s hard not to with gas prices rising, inflation, shortages, and the rest of it. But are they having a real moment? Do they see the big picture?

Converging Downturns

I apologize as this is longer than I like to normally post, but there are points to be hammered home here.  The hour is late and the situation is dire…

Joe Biden Corn Maze - Image Credit Reddit

A Reader’s Rant On What Only Took 9 Months to “Accomplish”

I hope all you Democrats and NeverTrumpers who voted for Dunce Biden are happy with your choice. Food shortages, food prices spike, gas prices spike, electricity prices spike, brown outs coming, blackouts coming, face mask mandates, vaccine mandates, house prices skyrocketing.

Dollar Tree Logo

Record Inflation Forces Dollar Store to Raise Prices

Inflation has reached its highest point in three decades, and it’s beginning to hurt. This hidden tax on middle and low-income families has made things so tight that Dollar Tree has announced it can no longer just sell stuff for one dollar.

News of note from Wakefield, Massachusetts. Eleven members of a group called Moors Rising were arrested after an armed stand off with Massachusetts State Police on Interstate 95. No driver licenses and all armed with unregistered rifles and pistols contrary to Massachusetts laws. How come? This is a fundamentalist Islamic group and by their beliefs no secular laws are legal or binding on them, only Islamic doctrine is considered legitimate. (Most Americans do not understand this). Hoping The Daily Sun tracks this story to see how our courts deal with it.

Still Waiting for Advanced Technology for Transportation

I’ve been waiting since the 1950s for those personal flying machines Edgar Rice Burrows wrote about powered by the “9th ray” and the 1970s for electric cars which would actually be better, more cost-efficient than our still-better internal combustion engine ones to no avail so far.