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The “Shrill” Kathy And Her Pen

Kathy Sullivan accuses House Republicans of engaging in hypocrisy and partisanship. I painfully read her boring 800-plus words with unfettered amusement given the "Shrill Cathy’s" finger-pointing and demagoguing.

She claims the hiring of Greg Moore by Speaker Bill O’Brien is somehow interwoven with the State Republican Party. She characterizes Moore’s hiring as ripe of a Petition for Redress and the nexus for her argument are the public statements made by Speaker O’Brien and New Hampshire GOP Chairman Jack Kimball. The Shrill Kathy’s logic is flawed at best.

Greg Moore was not a paid employee of the New Hampshire Republican Party, nor did he hold himself out to a constituency to be an elected official as Michael Brunelle did. Michael Brunelle is a paid employee of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, and was so before ever filing to run for a state rep seat.

The Shrill Kathy then goes on to demagogue, if not outright lie….She pontificates, "At least state employees still have the right to vote under the proposed legislation, which is somewhat surprising given how O’Brien and his team are trying to restrict voting by active military stationed in New Hampshire and college students." What? Kathy seems to imply that a piece of legislation aimed at keeping fraudulent voters from voting multiple times is somehow an effort to disenfranchise voting blocks of people. The Shrill Kathy’s statement seems to say, "There is no fraud in voting taking place and that mean O’Brien was to oppress people…"

I sure enjoyed that clip on WMUR where she screams at Dave Carney and points her finger while bouncing up and down in her chair. Wish she’d do that again…