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Stieg Larsson Is A Dead Marxist

IImage Credit: Shelfari had occasion to spend an above average amount of time in the "reading room" over the weekend.  No need to go into specifics but perhaps the words Whole Bowel Cleanse, give you some idea of what I mean.

While so positioned, I managed to cram all 590 pages of Stieg Larsson’s book ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo‘ into my reading diet and let me say this; if you can get past the first 190 pages the next 400 are worth the time.  I enjoyed the bulk of the book immensely, despite the fact that I was trapped in "the reading room" and that it was written by a now dead Marxist. 

Larsson, who died in 2004, was a prominent socialist/Marxist (he is Swedish after all) whom the book refers to as a journalist who specialized in exposing right wing extremists and Nazi-ism.  Some expert.  He didn’t even know the difference?

The only possible similarity between right wing extremists and Nazi’s is that the uber-revolutionary positions of the true anarchist–who prefers little or no government at all–lends itself invariably to a political vacuum begging to be filled by the kind of violent, oligarchic Mob-rule that can lead to a tyrannical socialist/fascist Nazi state. 

Progressives will (most assuredly) disagree, not because they can prove me wrong but due to the facts of their failed intellectual upbringing.  They have been programmed to believe such things as Nazis being right wing, ignoring the fact that the communists are simply in competition for the same class of pro-government ass-biter as the fascists, and can’t stand to see their ‘girl’ swooning for a guy who would tolerate corporate-socialism when they could take one more step to the left and have complete state control of the entire means of production and everyone in it.

This obsession with government control makes them not just kissing cousins but incestuous brothers, who react to opposition in kind.  Any who dare oppose the central planner and social engineering twins are shouted down, crucified by the liberal media, intimidated, picketed, insulted, threatened, beaten, and if necessary–killed.  With the exception of ‘killed,’ this is a workable description of the past two years of left wing rule in America under half-cracker Obama, Frau Pelosi, Reich-stag-Reid, their union thugs, and the shambling, talking-point regurgitating, blue-lipped, entitlement zombies who are still trying to sell Obamacare, Bank reform, and every other lurch to the left as good for us despite the lessons of history.

So Stieg already has a built in audience being a proper communist whose life was little more than an ongoing game of pick-up basketball for the pro-government tyranny league where fascists were viewed as right wing extremists because of that slight weakness they had for state controlled "private" ownership by people under constant threat of harm should they refuse to cooperate.  To him I suppose that was a bit extreme, but this makes him no expert, just a shill for the lie that Nazis are right wing because he is further left.

But this should not dissuade you from reading the book.  Though, if you are reluctant to finance his potentially pro-socialist hypocrite survivors who feel no guilt at raking in millions through the capitalist system, take a trip to the library instead.

The story is good despite an obvious bias towards childless free love–people with large families are all screwed up in Stieg’s world view which predominates the plot.  Those who are single, secular, and live in the hook-up culture are smart and successful with less baggage–with the exception of Lisbeth Salander, our brilliant but troubled anti-social/heroine who is another statistic for his obsession with the mistreatment of women; their abuse and murder seems to be the underlying motivation for character and plot development in this trilogy.  But Lisbeth handles her own problems in proper socialist fashion, with intimidation and extreme violence.

This all makes me wonder if Steig was even capable of making a connection between his ideal godless hook up utopia and the rampant abuse of women he insists is prevalent throughout Sweden; or if he is trying to create some kind of metaphor about feminist culture that I’m not prepared to make. (Maybe both?)  I’m inclined to lean toward the former.  Progressives seem incapable of seeing the consequences of their policy prescriptions and societal engineering, and communists and Marxists are just a few rungs further down the same ladder, making them that much more blind to the brutality of their political proclivities on the society at large.

Of course Stieg is no longer with us having been denied the use of his body and transitioned into the fathomless secular void, but he has left an intriguing trilogy, published posthumously; a series of crime dramas (so far) worthy of any fan of the genre, if you can get past the chronic abuse of women, and the mild shilling to the social model of his confused Marxist world view.