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Another Amended Filing in CD-1

Is it absurd to think that a guy who earned almost $400,000.00 last year, and probably something similar in preceding years, would have no additional income to declare to the Federal election Commission.  No savings accounts, no IRA’s no investments of any kind?

How about a guy who was also a lobbyist at least somewhat familiar with the election laws about money in politics?

Well don’t act surprised because NH-01 candidate Rich Ashooh will have to amend his FEC filing.  It appears he failed to list all his "secret" bank accounts on his original filing.  In fact, the filing fails to list any accounts, no investments, funds, savings, nothing–just his salary income, his mortgage, and the boards and committees on which he sits.  Rich Ashooh has no savings or investments? Where’s the false outrage?

Not to worry, Rich is in "good" company.

Sean Mahoney has been fined thousands of dollars by the FEC for failing to properly file loans to his campaign.

Stone thrower Jeb Bradley, who has been an outspoken critic of CD-1 candidates that need to amend their returns (at least ones he does not much care for) was himself fined several thousand dollars for failing to property file or amend with the FEC.

So we have to wonder what the response will be when the Ashooh campaigns "amended filing" appears magically with dozens of "secret" accounts and investments listed on it that were not on the original?

I predict that the amended filing will never even make news.  In fact, I bet it doesn’t even show up until after the primary and only then if Ashooh wins.

And even if it does show up,(other than my mention of it here) no one will take a second glance at it, not because all of the men running have been successful in life or business and amassed some measure of financial security as a result, but because Ashooh is not currently in front.

So you see, the false outrage manufactured and recycled by people looking to take a shot at someone, is not some new found effort at campaign ethics, its just plain old politics played by people who’ve already been fined by the FEC or those looking to score cheap political points.

Misfiling FEC reports is not only common, its epidemic.  But the FEC has a process for dealing with that.  You amend your filing.  I’m sure Rich Ashooh is on top of that and with any luck won’t have to pay a fine like Mahoney or Bradley who not only misfiled, but either refused to correct the errors or managed to screw up the process used to amend them.