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I Beg To Differ

  An editorial in this morning’s UL attempts to suggest the voting results demonstrate a unique character to New Hampshire’s electorate but it makes some assumptions that to me seem a bit naive That’s not to say the premise is wholly wrong, just that anyone who was really paying attention to the finer details during …

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Ashooh, Mahoney To Aid Guinta Campaign

I’m not sure what that level of commitment entails, but symbolically it invites the supporters of both candidates to assist in the shared goal of removing a guaranteed vote for anything Pelosi proposes in all it’s destructive glory whether she is a majority or minority leader.

Well Isn’t This ‘Rich’

As a follow up to this after doing some more digging here, I think that Cd-1 candidate Richard Ashooh must have taken out another mortgage on his home.  Interest rates are at historical lows!  I suspect this must be the case because he is reporting a loan to his campaign of $25,000.00 (here) but according …

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Another Amended Filing in CD-1

Well don’t act surprised because NH-01 candidate Rich Ashooh’s will have to amend his FEC filing. It appears he failed to list all his “secret” bank accounts on his original filing. In fact, the filing fails to list any accounts, no investments, funds, savings, nothing–just his salary income, his mortgage, and the board or committees on which he sits. Rich Ashooh has no savings or investments? Where’s the false outrage?

I Stand Corrected

For the record, there is a PDF available of Sean Mahoney’s individual donors at the FEC but it is not as easy to access nor review on line as any of the other FEC data for New Hampshire candidates.  Perhaps I should be clearer.  Out of the 19 candidates reporting receipts to the FEC in …

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Choir Practice

Listening to twenty or so people give political speeches in succession may well be worse than being water-boarded. Listening to twenty or so political speeches in an air-conditioned room with close to 300 people who (more or less) are on board with just about everything that is likely to be said at that kind of …

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