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I Beg To Differ

  An editorial in this morning’s UL attempts to suggest the voting results demonstrate a unique character to New Hampshire’s electorate but it makes some assumptions that to me seem a bit naive That’s not to say the premise is wholly wrong, just that anyone who was really paying attention to the finer details during …

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Ashooh, Mahoney To Aid Guinta Campaign

I’m not sure what that level of commitment entails, but symbolically it invites the supporters of both candidates to assist in the shared goal of removing a guaranteed vote for anything Pelosi proposes in all it’s destructive glory whether she is a majority or minority leader.

Following Mahoney’s Money Part II -That Dog Just Won’t Hunt.

Americans’ for Job Security has been fined three times for disclosure violations twice, specifically for violating the Telephone Consumer Protection act. AJS paid fines of $20,000.00, $3000.00 and $500.00 on three separate occasions for disclosure violations so AJS is also willing (Like Hynes)to violate disclosure laws to get a candidate a win and simply deal with the fallout–if any–later on.

Following Mahoney’s Money Part I

CrossTarget, the polling organization, was created by Stephen DeMaura and Patrick Hynes, both connected political insiders. DeMaura is no fan of Guinta, and Hynes works for Mahoney. So why would AFP choose CrossTarget for a poll given these obvious questions of conflict? I have no idea why, but it was a bad call by Lewandowski and it questions AFP’s neutrality on the race if there even is one.

Vanity Polling

The recent bit of ‘internal polling’ conjured up by the Mahoney campaign might better be described as vanity polling.  It’s like asking Burger King customers whether they prefer the Whopper of the Big Mac.  You’re guaranteed to get good numbers. Of course the last time I checked with the FEC Mahoney only had 134 donors …

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Another Amended Filing in CD-1

Well don’t act surprised because NH-01 candidate Rich Ashooh’s will have to amend his FEC filing. It appears he failed to list all his “secret” bank accounts on his original filing. In fact, the filing fails to list any accounts, no investments, funds, savings, nothing–just his salary income, his mortgage, and the board or committees on which he sits. Rich Ashooh has no savings or investments? Where’s the false outrage?

Making Excuses For Mahoney

The Mahoney supporters seem unwilling to answer to the charge that Sean is playing games with his principles.  Let me break down the problem as quickly as I can. Mr. Mahoney is on the board of a foundation that has recently (as in since 2008) given upwards of $160,000.00 dollars to pro-abortion groups and abortion …

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How Not To File With The FEC

ADR 107               RESPONDENTS: Sean Mahoney for Congress, James McKay, assistant treasurer SOURCE:              FEC Initiated (RAD) SUBJECT:             Failure to accurately disclose loans NEGOTIATED SETTLEMENT:         Respondents, in an effort to resolve this matter and avoid similar errors in the future agree to amend reports previously filed with the Commission and to put in place procedures to avoid …

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