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Elect Equality

Ray’s out trolling for more out of state money, which is fine because that’s his job, but since he’s such a hypocrite about it I’m not inclined to stop busting on him for it.  This time its for Carol and Paul, and the portal of choice is called Elect Equality, which describes itself as a program for LGBT Americans who want to influence the 2010 elections to elect and protect the candidates we need in office.” They want interested persons to go vote for any of 30 pro lgbt candidates the most popular of which they will donate to. 

Elect Equality is a front for a PAC called National Stonewall Democrats.  They are a small potato in the grand scheme of PAC money but it’s the connections and contributors I found interesting. 

National Stonewall Democrats gets most of its major contributions from SEIU, AFSCME, and the Democrat national Committee (through DNC services corp).  But there is also a PAC to PAC entry for 2008 from the New Hampshire Democratic State Committee for $1,500.00 

National Stonewall even gave Jeanne Shaheen $250.00 dollars in 2008.  Not sure how much Paul or Carol might score, but it’s really the taint of more union money I’m interested in. 

Ray has apparently been asking the local democrat population to cast their votes for Paul and Carol and  I say knock yourself out, as long as you are OK with taking more out of state money from major unions that use intimidation to stifle free speech (wow that sounds familiar), and beat up innocnet black men who disagree with them.  I think that makes the SEIU a bunch of hate mongering racists, but I’ll have to check my Race Pimps and Grievance-Mongers to American English Dictionary (Fifth Column….I mean edition) to be certain.

So good luck to Paul and *Carol.  Let me know if you get the votes.  It’ll probably be the only race you win this year.


(*Carol’s already got 5K from SEIU.  And if it matters, even though New Hampshire has a tiny union population, 17 of her top 20 contributors are unions.)


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