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Seth Marshall Discovers Property Taxes


Hat tip out of the gate to fellow NHI front pager Richard Olsen Jr. for this fine bit or wordsmithing on Nashua Rep Seth Marshall’s brief letter to the Nashua Telegraph about a pamphlet on the burden of property taxes.  Mr. Marshall (it appears) feels blessed as if the contents of this pamphlet revealed the answer to a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma (which he discovered in the shadow of some penumbra no doubt.)  What’s the revelation?  That New Hampshire relies most heavily on property taxes.

That’s quite a discovery for a General Court lurker from the Fish and Game committee whose been a rep since 2006.  Just figured that out Seth?  Oh, but not by himself–he’s got a pamphlet.  Hard to believe it hasn’t come to his attention in all those years.  I guess Nashua Rep Brian Poznanski doesn’t invite him to the House parties–where it probably comes up all the time.  You know, drinking with minors, writing laws to get minors off if they get caught drinking, talking about property taxes.  Did you know New Hampshire apparently relies heavily on them?  (Property taxes, not drunk underage State Reps–well, actually have you seen the budget?) Did you also know that New Hampshire still has one of the lowest tax burdens in the country because it relies heavily on property taxes?  It’s true.  That wasn’t in the pamphlet was it?

Want to know why?  Because when people can see the taxes in a lump, they get pissed off and ask selectman, councilors, and even legislators like Mr. Marshall what the hell they think they are spending all of the peoples money on.  But when it gets hidden in dozens (or millions) of small almost unnoticeable places it piles up without anyone really knowing how much it is.  The government just spends it all, and keeps looking for more until we’re New Jersey or New York.   It’s actually that simple.  And it’s not that surprising, several people new about this already and they didn’t even need a pamphlet.  But they were just as inclined to hide the truth for political traction as you are.

John Lynch made note of this inequality/property tax thing  just last summer.  It was in the Telegraph. (I wrote about it here).  John Lynch is the governor of New Hampshire Seth, and he’s a democrat, though not according to Tim Robertson from Keene.  (Keene is a city in New Hampshire Seth.)  And then the property tax things came up again in the Telegraph last September (which I wrote about here.)  You know, I bet we could probably make a safe bet that the Telegraph brings it up the property tax thing more often than Lou D’Allesandro brings up state run gambling.  Lou is a NH State Senator Seth.  He thinks gambling would be a great way to reduce the property tax burden, except that you and Lou already spent it all and then some so it really wouldn’t help at all and Lou, and most of New Hampshire knows that as well.  Maybe he’ll whip up a pamphlet for you.  One that suggests some kind of class warfare rhetoric as an excuse to promote an income tax then we can use that  to close the massive deficit that years of incompetent uninformed democrats actually created intentionally as a way to get a broad based tax.

Funny how the rest of your letter sounds like uninformed class warfare rhetoric.

Hope Seth doesn’t have to dig a well anytime soon.  He might discover where the state nickname comes from.

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