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Deficit Deceit

Liberalisms, like “this won’t increase the deficit,” or “this will reduce the deficit,” or “John Lynch will never leave a deficit” are misleading regurgitations whose success as a political tool rely entirely on the electorates inability to ask the follow-up question.  How?   

Here’s an example. 

John Lynch has 100 apples to use.  The left wing spendocrats in his legislature say they need 115 apples.  To justify this they imagine more apples and then John Lynch lets the spendocrats take fifteen more apples from your basket when no extra apples show up.  They all smile, pat each other on the back, and announce that there is no deficit.  And this process repeats every two years for as long as we allow Lynch to keep the governor’s office and let liberal spendocrats run state government.  

The beauty of this formula is it can be millions (or in Obama’s case Trillions) and as long as they imagine revenue or simply (and eventually) tax you to cover the cost, they can claim it’s deficit neutral; or better yet—overestimate the taxes or revenues and claim it actually reduces the deficit—again to be later covered by the sweat of your brow and the reduction of your lifestyle for whatever victim class or favored constituency the liberals have decided deserves  your money more than you do. 

So the other night when Ray Buckley opined about how John Lynch will never leave a deficit, he’s right.  He’ll just raise taxes.  No matter how much the legislature spends, he’ll raise more taxes.  Because that is what leadership means to democrats.  The hard choices—who to tax more and how much.   

And as soon as the election year is over, if John Lynch is still squatting up in Concord, he’ll abandon his budget cutting, election year tactics and go back to doing whatever the liberals tell him to do.

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