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On Message, Off Target

Liberals hide  behind a façade of generosity erected by the federal mandates they cherish, glued together with other peoples confiscated property.   Sometimes, when they are not too busy telling each other how compassionate they are with the fruit of your labors, they peek around the facade they have erected, lift the DNC filtered-Left wing sanctioned lens with which they must view the world,  and then comment on what they think they see.  Such is the product of one Sarah Chaisson Warner who upon witnessing a group gathered at the State House,  proceeded to wield the one sided bludgeon of guilt by association against the Tea party—without bothering to confirm there were any Tea Partiers there.

Ms. Warner, someone who is not new to misdirection, is currently associated with New Hampshire Citizens Alliance (NHCA) which claims to be…

a non-partisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect and expand social, economic, and political justice for people and families in the Granite State. 

This is of course misleading.  Neither she, nor they, are non- partisan.  They both deal in social and economic justice, and support large cash government driven reform.  And according to a post over at the actual NH Tea party Coalition Web Site, are associated with groups funded by George Soros who is by all accounts partisan.   

So Ms. Warner and NHCA appear to be non-partisan the way Obama is bi-partisan; committed to bringing liberals, Progressives, socialists, fascists, regular boring democrats and RINO’s, all the warring factions of big government, together to advance central planning at the expense of an ever dwindling minority of income producers in America. 

Anyway, Ms Warner, speaking as the director of the non-non partisan NHCA, looked through her filter and imagined that the people protesting outside the State House in Concord had to be with the tea party, which must have run a thrill up her leg because she proceeded to write this. 

“The behavior of the Tea Party members is disturbing and unpatriotic," … "Racist and homophobic slurs do nothing to advance civil, public discourse and instead expose that the reaction to the elected officials and policies that the majority of Americans support is not based in opposition to the direction of the country but is directed instead by the deep-seated biases of the Tea Party leaders.

This behavior should be exposed and the true motivations of the Tea party should be examined further by the press and the public."

She then suggests that anyone in office or running for office who has ever been part or parcel to the Tea Party apologize, and disassociate themselves …blah blah blah.   (Yawn.)  So we know Sarah reads the same talking points as Buckley and Baxley.  Could we be more surprised from such a non-non-partisan?  Yes, it’s the death by association screed.   Anyone who knew anyone, who was near anyone in the tea party, whoever they are, (racists and homophobes at the very least) must denounce them immediately or risk the collapse of their future goal of playing in the utopian sandbox the left wingers have been building by confiscating significant portions of other peoples wages. 

Ms. Warner’s facade, it seems, is built particularly high.  

The fact that no tea party people were at the event in question is (of course) problematic.  It makes it almost impossible to do any of the things she suggests must be done.  It does however suggest that by their conspicuous absence they are not only none of the things Ms. Warner’s filtered view of ‘Utopia in the making’ pretends them to be, but that they are in fact against such things themselves. But don’t expect a bone on any points of contention.

To the best of Google’s knowledge Ms. Warner is not known for stepping up to demand that anyone in her own party take responsibility for any coarse words, insults, or actions from leaders, pundits, or even rank and file liberals who support or defend her non-non partisan world-view, be it true or false. So I’m not expecting her to issue an apology anytime soon for calling tea party activists Racists and homophobes not that I would ask for or expect such a thing.  That’s not how non-non partisan liberal activists roll.  The one-sided bludgeon of guilt by association only swings one way—left to right.  And besides, according to the non-non partisan worldview these are things we have to be (racistts and homophobes) for the sun to rise.  Why apologize and risk tearing the eight hundred thread count Egyption Cotton fabric of the universe.

So Ms Warner’s claims of racism and homophobia—as misdirected as they were—will never be called out as disturbing or unpatriotic.  They will in no way limit civic, or public discourse, nor will they require us to expose who associates with her and her crass, false claims for their deep seated bias against the tea party. 

Her behavior does not need to be exposed nor her true motivations examined further by the press and the public. 

She is a hypocrat.  She gets a pass.  And while I could care less what she t
hinks she thinks about my friends in the Tea Party, she might want to consider the consequences of associating White Pride folks with people Carol Shea-Porter unapologetically called tea-baggers.

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