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Less Than Useless

Remember how Shaheen didn’t have the sense to use her own parties partisan influence buying combine to turn her rubber-stamp vote for Trotsky care into a complete 12 lane rebuild of I-93 from Salem all the way to Hudson bay?  Well there is subterfuge afoot again in the White House and as usual New Hampshire’s left wing wall flowers either can’t get into the dance, or don’t have their figurative political bra stuffed enough to attract the eye of the people with any real influence. 

Of course, knowing Shaheen, if it had occurred to her she’d have used her vote to form a blue-ribbon committee, to promote a wind farm contract, to create or save jobs for her lawyer buddies who would  rake in millions from taxpayers and government funded Green groups fighting both sides of an environmental impact lawsuits for twelve years; well past her impending single term as a US senator from New Hampshire.  But at least  her, Billy, and former congressman Paul Hodes would have work when they got out so maybe she’s not stupid, she’s just selfish. 

Anyway, I bring it up because Red State reports that

Last week, Democratic Senate Candidate Joe Sestak, a retired Admiral, let slip in an interview that someone in the White House offered him a position in the Administration if he would drop his primary challenge of Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania.

This is of course illegal. Federal law prohibits anyone from offering, soliciting, or receiving any federal office in exchange for a political favor, and it looks like the White House tried to get Sestak to drop his challenge of Arlen Specter.  Don’t be surprised if you can’t hear any sirens wailing.

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Red State points out that the White House has been at this game before, but I think we all know it goes further back than that.  Obama-buddy Blagojevich tried to sell Obama’s Senate seat and that had Obama-White House finger prints on it.  In fact the history of most of Obama’s staff is marked by laundry lists of actions while incredibly white-bread at the Chicago political diner, are considered punishable crimes just about everywhere else you can get someone to prosecute them.   So Trotsky-care is just another example of vote buying through the DC chapter of the Chicago Bar and Grill that comrade Shaheen and the Pelosi twins were never going to be able to take advantage of, so any offering up of plum jobs to avoid contested primaries would be a non-starter.  There’s no one to bribe.

ShaHodeSheaporter are such cheap two-bit whores for the left wing agenda that they’ll turn a trick for a smile.  It has never occurred to them to either posit an original thought or play hard to get, they are too busy trying to please like an over eager dog.  That explains the paw prints on Pelosi’s blazer and the nibble marks on her neck scarf.   

So it has never likely crossed the DC liberal leaderships minds that they couldn’t count on those votes.  At most any sign of dissent if not political posturing by consent, would be met by leadership with the same kind of awkward laugh you share when confronted by the naiveté of a small child.  Yet we are expected to believe that this trio of left-wing-policy water carriers are independent legislators who are fighting for New Hampshire families and small business? They have to know that’s not going to fly and that Hodes and Shea-Porter are just rebound dates that hung out for an extra night after the bad relationship of the Bush years; destined to see the curb without cab fare come the morning of November 3rd 2010. 

So is there no one better, or are they as besotted by the aura of incumbancy as moderate republicans seem to be?

Paul "spends loads’ Hodes’ so-called anti-corruption cape remains locked securely away in his secret lair, a sub basement beneath the offices of Shaheen and Gordon P.A– ensuring that official misconduct in his own party continues to go unnoticed despite his boilerplate about oversight.  (That must have been where he was running off too in such a hurry when he fled from that that committee meeting vote so damn fast.)

As for Carol, every time she says she hasn’t decided how she’s going to vote on some upcoming left wing boondoggle, I figure she’s just trying to decide what to wear when she votes for it, and which hand she’ll use to select “Yea.” 

All in all, not much to root for even if you’re a fan of central planning. 

So they can’t be trusted to defend us from exponentially expanding government.  We can’t convince them that the top down power they prefer is doomed to be fraught with waste and corruption.  And they clearly can’t even be relied on to use their corrupt government to score us some decent swag above and beyond that afforded by the crippling two-class welfare state they’ve been erecting for the past few years.  That makes them less than useless.  

I guess all that’s left to do is replace them with small government, pro liberty candidates who will roll back the sweeping stench-filled bureaucracy and all the political corruption that comes with it. At least with freedom, we can choose to do better instead of having to wait for our legislators to do better for us.

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