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Jim Kofalt

Jim is a Board Member of the 603 Alliance and lives in Wilton, New Hampshire.   He also serves as the Northeast Director for Right Tech PAC, which provides campaign technology to candidates who will advance the cause of limited government.  Jim has served on his school budget committee and has been a candidate for State Representative.

Welcome to California (NH)

California Bureaucrats to Create NH State Laws?

In case you needed any more evidence of just how crazy the NH Democrats have gotten: NH Democrat Rebecca McWilliams (Concord) is proposing a bill that would (in effect) delegate the regulation of New Hampshire’s air quality standards to a group of left‑coast bureaucrats known as the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Polar Bear Climate change makes me sad

NBC Invites “Climate Confessions”, Hilarity Ensues

NBC News has created a platform for virtue-signaling doomsday-cult enthusiasts to confess their sins. “Climate Confessions” is a new page on the NBC News website that offers the public a forum for posting admissions of their environmentally unfriendly habits.


Is it Time to Start Talking About Communism Again?

Ten years ago, “socialism” was still a dirty word on both sides of the political aisle. Leftists deflected accusations of socialism as an expression of old-fashioned right-wing paranoia (and racism!), while right-of-center pundits avoided it like a third rail.


Settled Silence

If man-made climate change is indeed the most urgent threat facing humanity, then experts should embrace the opportunity to make that case and convince non-believers. Unfortunately, the most strident advocates for climate-change remediation seem uninterested in coming to the table. 

Golden Book AOC Racism

Now it’s Racist to Oppose Jeanne Shaheen

  At Tuesday’s rally for Bill O’Brien, the crowd broke into a chant: “Send her home.  Send her home…” The “her” in this case referred to US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (she/her/hers).

Bill O'Brien US Senate

The 603 Alliance Endorses Bill O’Brien for US Senate

As the Democrats ramp up for the Presidential primary, we hear progressively louder demands for open borders, socialized health care, and increasingly absurd standards of political correctness. Our current US Senators claim to be centrists but have consistently voted in support of a radical agenda. New Hampshire can do better. This Tuesday, Bill O’Brien is …

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NEA Teachers Union Logo

Whither Quality Education? Ask the NEA.

As my friend Ian Underwood has pointed out here, here, here, here, and here, there is a lot of data on education spending and a lot of data on student performance, but no correlation between the two.