UNH Students Aim to Shut Down Rand Paul/Charlie Kirk Event? - Granite Grok

UNH Students Aim to Shut Down Rand Paul/Charlie Kirk Event?



As previously reported on GraniteGrok, Turning Point USA is hosting an event this Thursday featuring Senator Rand Paul and TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk. Some UNH students are not very happy about that.

When the VP of the UNH chapter of Turning Point spotted a few tearing down his event posters, he started recording and confronted them. The response?  “I hate you, and I hope you die.”

This was only one of several incidents where UNH students were seen tearing down posters for the same event.  You can watch a video of two of those incidents at Breitbart.com.

It’s not unexpected. We’ve seen a lot of reports in recent years about the proliferation of campus speech codes or intolerance to opposing views. They’re always about what you can’t say on campus. And there are threats of serious consequences to anyone who violates them.

But what do they have to say about violating a fellow student’s free-speech rights?  Does UNH impose any consequences on leftist brats who can’t stand to hear opinions with which they do not agree? As taxpayers who subsidize the university, we should all be interested in hearing their response to that question.