Jeff Woodburn Should Introduce Alec Baldwin at the NH Dem’s “Identity-Crisis” Dinner

Tone deafness isn’t intentionally written into the New Hampshire Democrat Party Platform, but hypocrisy is. So, it makes sense that the same so-called “party of women” thought it would be a great idea to re-name their Jefferson-Jackson dinner (Men who had slaves!) the Kennedy-Clinton Dinner (Men who had sex slaves.)

This year the Democrats identity-crisis dinner is named after Eleanor Roosevelt (I guess Weiner Weinstein was out of the question?) but then invited Alec Baldwin as their keynote speaker.

Alec Baldwin?

Baldwin’s twitter scandals make Mr. Trump’s tweets look like nuns chatting about the rosary.

He’s bashed gays and women, repeatedly, and publicly admitted that he hasn’t always treated women very well. Personally or professionally. An admission timed to get in front of the #MeToo tsunami poised to sweep him up and carry him away to has-been land.

But Mr. Baldwin reportedly has anger issues, so there is little doubt his past indiscretions are likely to become current ones. This makes him the perfect guest for New Hampshire’s “party of women.”

I haven’t seen a program but I think New Hampshire State Sen. Jeff “the (D) Stands for nine counts of Domestic Abuse” Woodburn should introduce Alec. Elizabeth Ruediger can give instructions on ducking if Alec gets to throwing things. And Berlin Mayor Paul Greiner can make excuses and exclaim that Baldwin is the victim.

Hypocrisy. Tone deafness. How about just plain old everyday dumb?

Everyone who shows up to backstop whatever enormous fee is required to get Alec Baldwin behind their podium can be labeled (according to Democrat rules) as complicit in the continued “success” of a ‘gay-bashing ‘star’ with a history of mistreating women.

Hey, he said he’s past all that. But there’s no such thing on the left unless of course you can somehow bring Democrats money or power and this a fundraiser. So, every Democrat candidate that takes money from the State party is fiscally tainted by Baldwin’s antics.

I suddenly love this idea.