How About Next Year NH Democrats Call it the Weiner-Weinstein Dinner?

Weiner WeinsteinI guess the New Hampshire Democrat Party is going to meet on December 2nd to discuss changing the name of their Jefferson-Jackson Kennedy-Clinton biggest annual fundraising dinner. I’m not sure why. JFK and WJC are perfect examples of Democrat priorities and politics then and now. And that worked great until Democrats started using Bill’s sexual assault history to push Hillary off the political stage.

I bring it up because the NHGOP has an email out asking everyone who gets those things (flash poll) to help pick a new name. The list includes Anthony Weiner, Al Franken, and Harvey Weinstein.

It’s a bit limited, but in that context, I’d suggest a combination; the Weiner-Weinstein dinner, because of how it so profoundly represents the modern perversion of the left. Oh, I don’t mean their sex-offenders or their offenses against women or children (which are many, perverse, immoral, illegal, and probably too numerous to catalog). By perversion, I mean that they are only having this discussion because the name of the dinner has become politically inconvenient.

It’s their political perversion.

Looking down from the 30,000-foot view women have never been anything more to Democrats than electoral mules and naming the dinner after Kennedy and Clinton prove that. It was epically tone-deaf under the umbrella of the endless broadsides heaved at Republicans in their War on Women narrative? Kennedy-Clinton. Right

And here we are.

Now the NHDP needs to do some sole-searching (yes I meant to spell it that way) to come up with a name for their fundraiser.

If Weiner-Weinstein hits too close to home how about the ‘Never Stop Raising Taxes Dinner?’ That too would be a bold statement of truth. You could also try “Out-of-State Dark Money Dinner.”

For another turn at realism, you could try “Road to Serfdom.”

“The Out of State Drive-by Voter Dinner” also has the sort of realism that will send the prog-troll commenters off on a spittle-flinging rage. But think about it. This is year two with the Kennedy-Clinton name, and it’s time for a “change” so why not? They could do this every two years. Put a handful of choices on the ballot and let out of state voters in to help them decide. Or are you afraid all the Massachusetts non-residents will write in Kennedy-Kennedy Dinner?

I guess we could do this all day, and you are welcome to join in, but the biggest problem of all remains. The Republicans call their Dinner Lincoln-Reagan. One of those guys freed the slaves (from Democrats), and the other helped free Eastern Europe from the yoke of communism (something Democrats pine for here), long after Franklin Roosevelt left it in the hands of Josef Stalin, a brutal tyrant even by Soviet standards.

Russia’s still there because if it were not Hillary Clinton couldn’t have dealt them a heap of US Uranium while Sec-o-State, in a shady deal whose investigation is just really getting started and could eclipse the landslide of sexual assault allegations against liberals.

Actually, I’m not sure anything could do that. Now that the genie is out of that bottle this katharsis could take a while with a “body count” ranging into the hundreds, if not more.

You know, I’m almost out of popcorn from November of last year. I knew I’d need a lot. I guess I need a lot more.

The ride’s not over yet. Not even after December 2nd, when we get to make fun of whatever new name Ray Buckley and company scare up for their dinner.


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