Let’s Be Clear On Why Democrats Want To Kill The School Scholarship Program

In April of last year I pointed out what appeared obvious to me.  That the small business school scholarship program,  eventually passed into law last year–the one New Hampshire Democrats are trying to repeal–could actually save the towns and the state money.

In Merrimack the actual ‘on-paper’ cost per student is well over $14,000.00 each.; total enrollment of 4700 (ish) divided by our roughly 65+ million dollar school budget.  If a parent can only take $3,450.00 per child, ($2500.00 average) then the town is still getting paid $11,000.00 dollar per child with no child left to teach.

To see how that looks if we borrow the formula the Super’s letter

COPUPPSE (Cost of Over-priced Under Performing Public School Education) –  PTPR (Pittance of Tuition Parent Receives) = JPSS  (Jackpot for Public School System)

Well guess what.  Someone on the CATO Institute Blog yesterday, asked Governor Hassan why–if Governor Hassan wants to save taxpayers money–would she also want to repeal a scholarship program that saves taxpayers money on the cost of education?

From CATO Blog

If the governor’s goal is saving money, as she claims, then she should oppose the repeal. The fiscal note prepared by the governor’s own Department of Education states that repealing the OSA would actually cost the state half a million dollars over the next biennium.

So here’s a program that gives lower income kids and their families an opportunity to choose a private school they could otherwise never afford.  (Like the one run by Governor Maggie Hassan’s Husband.)  It has the potential to save taxpayers money.  And Democrats, and our Democrat governor can’t repeal it fast enough.

When are people going to get it?  Democrats do not give a donkey’s ass about children, or learning, or saving money.  All they care about is power.  The power of monetary control.  The power of having as may union teachers teaching the government school curriculum to a captive audience in their public buildings, while contributing to their political ambition.

If they cared about cost, savings, or learning opportunities, they would not only embrace the scholarhip program they’d strengthen it.  Instad they want it dead.  And they already have a judicial repeal back up plan in place in case the legislature (the Republican State Senate in particular) doesn’t come through for the union masters and politcal professionals on the left.

The program helps our most vulnerable kids , children who would benefit from more education choices.  The credit costs a fraction of even the lowest per student cost of public education.  And it encourages business owners to act within their own communities.  And yet still New Hampshire Democrats want to kill it.

Let’s just be clear about why.  It has nothing to do with children, learning, or adequate education.   This is about control.  Political power.  Influence.

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