Money Not So Well Spent – 71% of NH Schools Fail to Meet Adequate Yearly Progress

by Steve MacDonald

123-abc-alphabet-blocks-optical-illusion-tThese are the skills your kids are not learning Hat tip to NH Watchdog first and foremost, for reporting this story.

(CONCORD) 71% of New Hampshire schools failed to meet improvement benchmarks in the latest annual progress reports released today by the New Hampshire Department of Education. Over 66% of New Hampshire school districts failed to make the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) is either reading or math.

I felt an immediate urge, compelled perhaps, to see how well SAU 26 did.  Merrimack failed to meet AYP in both reading and math.  If I’m not mistaken this is not the first time we’ve been on the wrong side of the results.  But hey!  We met the attendance and graduation requirements.  So does that mean the kids are showing up, not learning enough, and then getting pushed through the system anyway no matter what teachers think?  I bet it does. And maybe we’ll get some Jedi mind-trick action for good measure.

“These are not the progress results you are looking for.”

And as I understand it, these ratings are based on NECAP exams, which set an incredibly low bar to begin with.

Educational experts my ass.  So when do we close up the NH Department of Education?  They clearly serve no useful purpose.


Feel free to look up your own results and share them in the comments.

PDF- NH 2011-2012 AYP results


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