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New Hampshire Democrats Want Their JackBoot Back on The Necks of Poor Kids

schooL_choiceBack in April of 2012 we reported on how 71% of New Hampshire’s public schools failed to meet their adequate yearly progress in math and reading.  (Not very ‘progressive’ of them.)  We later debated the potential benefits to local New Hampshire school districts who could ‘potentially’ collect a tax windfall per student with the program–more than they would lose if the new voucher legislation was passed.  (It passed.)  We made fun of left wing criticism (narrative) against the scholarship program and even showed how it had saved other states money.  We even reminded Liberals that they have been known to argue against overturing settled law (which the school voucher program is), the same Democrats who were now focusing on the budget as promised trying to overturn every law Republicans passed that they could–as quickly as possible.

Well, New Hampshire Democrats are still Democrats and the scholarship program passed by House Republicans is a threat to their union monopoly on education.  So a scholarship program that is specifically designed to direct private money to help the most vulnerable, low income families in our state, gain access to schools with the potential to deliver better outcomes, must be repealed.

HB370 would repeal the school scholarship program in New Hampshire.  And the party of “choice” is not just denying opportunity to your children they have made it a priority–they are going out of their way to deny it this program to kids who might otherwise never have a chance to attend better schools.  New Hampshire Democrats want to put their education-jackboot back on the necks of lower income children.

What possible benefit is that to the kids, to education, or the future of New Hampshire?

The only benefit is to the government education monopoly, the union monopoly on public employees, their majority support as donors to democrat campaigns, and the expansion of the very power that Democrats now exercise to deny you and your children education options.

You have to wonder what the Democrats are afraid of?   Why can’t a few kids go to schools that they do not control?  Why go out of your way to repeal something that gives them options only rich kids have, options that have saved other states money?

And if you’d like to stick to the tall-tale about how it might impact revenue and the budget, why are you now so willing to punish lower income families in exchange for maintaining or expanding the state?  Who exactly do you exist to serve?   The unions?  Your party agenda?  Or is it the people?

[Updated- Forget to remind everyone about the AFT-NH Teachers Union survey for NH candidates in 2012.  Trust me, it’s relevant.]

And here is a statement on the issue from the HRA and House rep. Pam Tucker (pulled from Facebook)

The repeal of the Educational Opportunities Scholarship Program (HB370) is an attack on lower income families. It only hurts low income families and children by ensuring that only the wealthy have opportunities for educational alternatives. The scholarship program seeks to bring fairness to families of all income levels.

This elitist attempt by the Democrats rejects the opportunity of New Hampshire businesses to voluntarily donate money to a non profit whose sole mission is to help lower income families and children take advantage of the options available in education. The donated money provided by these scholarships are all private, elective contributions, and charitable transactions between the non-profit and the business owner. If these dollars are considered public money, this fuzzy headed thinking will lead to re-evaluation of all charitable donations and how they are treated by the state.

“Every Charitable dollar is meaningful,” stated Rep Pam Tucker-Greenland, “especially in these times of limited availability. Private contributions should never be jeopardized by politicians with an agenda.”