NH School Tax Credit Challenged

by Steve MacDonald

I don’t have time to fisk the particulars yet but the ACLU and Barry Lynn of American’s United for the Separation of Church and State have filed a suit declaring the recently passed new Hampshire School Scholarship tax credit unconstitutional because it would (could) divert tax dollars to be spent at Religious schools.

Actually. .. It would allow business owners to keep more of what they earn from being tax dollars if they agree to offer scholarships out of their own pockets to students who might otherwise be prohibited from attending private schools.

So here’s a question.  Shouldn’t (Rev.) Barry Lynn and the ACLU file a suit against everyone who ever gave money to the collection plate or donated it to a religious charity, organization, or group? After all, if they do that, they can’t spend it on gas (taxed), or tobacco (taxed) or pay their property taxes with it, so (technically) they have all diverted those potentially taxable dollars to a (so-called unconstitutional) religious purpose.

Wow.  Class action Lawsuit.

Of course it is not actually tax dollars until after the state steals them at gun point. (Or more accurately at the threat of gun point should you refuse to pay your taxes.)

Like I said, I don’t know the particulars–and I meant regarding the law itself, but they filed the suit in Strafford County Superior Court, which means that left wing jerk Judge John Lewis will probably hear the case.

Who wants to bet that left wing hack overturns the law?

Exit Question: Why does Judge Lewis, Barry Lynn, and the ACLU want to prevent kids from being able to go to private schools?


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