No Labels is Now New And Improved!!!

by Steve MacDonald

No labels new and improved

Now With Even More Bi-partisan BS!

No Labels has grown tired of being No Body, of No Interest, and having No point, so they are “shedding their centrist label.”

For those of you who slept through the first part of this ‘movie,’ No Labels started out under the assumption that we could get a lot more done if we left our political labels at the door.  “Not Left.  Not Right.  Forward.”  That was their slogan.

“Forward,” being a the same historical buzz word for left-leaning progressive socialist publications, should have clued everyone in as to the true purpose of a group founded by progressives from both the right and the left.

Not long after No Labels was trying to look forward, the very partisan left leaning MSNBC was trying to “Lean Forward.”  Obama and the Democrats ran for election/reelection in 2012 using on moving Forward.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

I repeatedly framed No Labels as“the latest of many left wing funded efforts to drag the right into the middle and the middle leftward.”  I saw No Labels as a bivouac for progressive Republicans looking to polish their bi-partisan cred and to provide cover for lesser known radical leftists who needed to appear centrist–like then-former NH State Senator Maggie Hassan.

Hassan was at the first No Labels launch, which prompted me to ask this back in late 2010…

But could Hassan have had an epiphany?  Has her unexpected defeat resulted in a cathartic de-gentrification of her traditional ruling class elitism?   Is it possible that a woman steeped in the progressive super culture could abandon her pro-government/liberal materialism to spend forty days in the desert on a moderate vision quest? Or is this, more likely, just a flanking maneuver.

Maggie ‘The Red’ Hassan is advocating No Labels because she wants to be governor Hassan; think of it as an undocumented progressives worker program or Fascists anonymous–only it’s not about recovery or remission, it is about hiding who you really are from the voters until after you get elected.

Guess who our new governor is?  Yes, Maggie Hassan…(here’s more from that same 2010 article)

This is a woman who tried to socialize medicine in-state, legislate away free speech she objects to, advocates for abortion from conception to delivery, and is committed to advance the size, scope, control, and cost of the government.  If she has a middle ground, it is not just left of center, it is far left.  So Hassan advocating No Labels is like Kathy Griffin, or Janeane Garofalo advocating tolerance.

She was there for cover…and it must have worked.

So what about that New and Improved No Labels?

They appear committed to resurrecting this monster and the lightning that will jump start it is bringing liberals and conservatives together to solve problems.   (Isn’t that what congress is for?)  They are no longer, “Not Left.  Not Right.  Forward.”  They are ‘Committed to Fix not Fight.’

The center of the new logo says “Problem Solver.”

That is an interesting notion but there is one small catch.   The biggest problem real conservatives need most to solve is how to keeping progressives out of power.  Somehow, I don’t see anyone dancing that dance at the New and Improved No Labels cotillion.

New Labels New Logo ProblemSolverLarge-2So real conservatives would never go there.  They understand that most of our “problems” are the result of the Federal government doing things it was never meant to do.  The debt, all of it, ties to big government getting bigger not smaller.  And the only solution to that “problem” is to shed that authority and give it back the states.  Doing so will lessen Federal costs, debts, deficits, power, would shrink the bureaucracy and all manner of abuses at the Federal level.  It will lessen the need for lobbyists to flock to DC.  It would put the people and the states in more control of revenues and decisions that would no longer be diverted to the U.S. capital.  Can you name for me one Democrat in Congress who believes in that or would actually work to make it happen?

I’m stumped.

Everything Democrats do is designed toward central planning.  Bring it to DC, let the experts decide if or how to send it back and what and how many strings shall be attached attach.  There is nothing conservative about any of that.

So the only “problem” a No Labels Conservative will ever solve as part of this group is the problem of actually thinking they are a real conservative.  if that is in fact its true purpose than soldier on, I say.  Let’s see who signs up!  But let us make sure we understand what this is.  It is just another Main Street Partnership looking for creative ways to push the center even further left.



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  • Chris P. Bacon

    Stereotyping saves time and is almost always spot on. Why can’t these weinies understand that!!


      “Stereotyping saves time and is almost always spot on.” I cannot believe I just read that. That’s one of the most idiotic statements I’ve ever heard. If you actually believe that, then you must also believe that . . .

      1) Most Jews are cheap
      2) Most African Americans are lazy
      Shall I go on ? ? ?

      While it’s true that most stereotypes have origins in reality, to say that it’s “almost always spot on” is ludicrous. And liking stereotypes because they “save time” is simply lazy bigotry.

      • Chris P. Bacon

        relax dude. i was taking the stupidity of being against not lableing people to the next level in hopes of….never mind. And yes, all Jews are cheap, and being of Scotch heritage i can comfortably say that all Scottsman are too. They are just Jews with a drinking problem and a personality disorder. How ya like me now?

        • IWKAGGP

          Careful, your swastika’s showing . . . Mr. Murdough.

          • Chris P. Bacon

            Hmmm…i do not know who Mr. Murdough is. Was he on the “A Team”? Swastikas were around long before the n a z i s.

          • IWKAGGP

            Google “Ryan J Murdough” or “Ryan Joseph Murdough”

  • JP

    John Huntsman spoke at a meeting they had the other day. Indication of where he stands?


      Yes it is. He’s a thinking, moderate, articulate, intelligent, experienced, normal, human being. And would make a great President someday.

      • nhsteve

        If Huntsman is so smart why is he to the left of John Kennedy and pretending to be a Republican? If he is so articulate why isn’t he a Democrat trying to pull the party back to the center.

        Oh, wait. You said he is experienced. As a Democrat he’d have been back-benched, intimidated, and driven from the party in shame. He must know that, so he hides in the ‘intolerant’ Republican Party where he is viewed as thinking, moderate, articulate, intelligent, and experienced.

  • Sam Adams

    Didn,t Lenin and Stalin use the term FORWARD, in every speech and on many signs?

    • Chris P. Bacon

      i’m sure Tojo, Musilini, and Hitler did too. I think they spelled it different though.

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