Main Steet Republican’s Drop “Republican.”

by Steve MacDonald

main street repubublicans

The Main Street Republicans “Main Street”

In any good story of conquest the tyrants who rule the police state always have ‘loyalists.’  These are indigenous members of the conquered people who side with the oppressors in exchange-presumably–for less oppression.  They are turn-coats, the worst variety of the sunshine patriot, or how about members of the Republican Main Street Partnership?

How about a Republican Main Street Partnership that has dropped the word ‘Republican.’

I am trying to decide if they have done us a favor?

The denizens of the Main Street Partnership (with or without the word Republican) have probably done us a great service.  They were never more than spineless progressives, wallflowers at the dance of principles over party; politicians who would have to sit to the left of John F. Kennedy whom, if you have forgotten, was a Democrat.  Progressives who are fine with administering slow poison to the culture as long as they don’t have to suffer too much from its effects themselves, Partners who have even invited Democrats to join.

They are the Coffee Party.  No Labels.  Um….RINO’s!

There is, after all, no compromise with Democrats.  You are either with them or against them.  The only common ground is their ground.  And as a party all they are looking for from Republicans is more of the Main Street variety–those smitten with political power, being photographed with the people who are really in charge, and getting invited to all the best parties sponsored by all the best lobbyists, who will someday help them transition from elected office into a long term role as well compensated “Republican consultants” acting as guides through the bureaucratic overgrowth of the super-state they refused to cut back (and in fact made more dense), and building rickety rope bridges across the gorge that separates power from principle as they look to recruit more “loyalists” to back up their own ideological treason.

It would be so much easier for all concerned if they just changed their name to Democrat and started trying to drag Overton’s window back toward the right.  But then you’d need principles to do that and it is quite obvious that they sold those in exchange for better treatment from their Democrat masters.

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