Bullet To The Head Of The NRA: A Little Perspective

“The coward only threatens when he is safe.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

I am a bit intrigued, I must confess. An on line game emerged called, ‘Bullet to the Head of the NRA’ Depicted in the game is an interactive where the gamer can shoot  NRA President David A. Keene. The game is very graphic…and people are outraged… Just not me….I couldn’t care a fig. But the whole notion of violence by a lefty! Yeah, not so much. 

Seriously. How much of a threat is a person, who hides behind a anonymous screen name, “Gizmo01942?” This person is not going to reveal his true name. That requires, “balls…” “courage.” Besides, wondering what the significance is behind the 01942 number, the only link to the number I could find was the Manchester, UK area. A Wanker, perhaps? 

One of my “shrink” friends tells me that game creations like this are an anti-social manifestation of a young adult who has “daddy issues,” big time.   Instinctively,  this is the product of a “low information voter-type. More than likely the only highlight of this game creators day is likely to be a can of Red Bull and some recreational nose-picking.  This is a loser, given to sobbing and crying when life gets tough. Infancy stayed with people like this….life from Mommy’s basement, most likely. This is the best a person like this is going to do all year.

This person will not challenge you. This person will not argue with you. This person will not challenge you to a fist fight. In fact, if this person were to accidentally wander into a Cigar Bar, a patron might likely use his shirt pocket as an ashtray. “The last of the adult thumb-suckers,” one of my pals tells me.  I can picture seeing one of these folks curled up in the fetal position, sucking ones thumb while sobbing.

There are those of us who served in the U.S. Military and we generally know what intestinal fortitude is. We few who have endured pain, serious injury and lost part of our bodies. Inversely, people like Gizmo01942 are devoid of anything that gets in the same neighborhood as intestinal fortitude, yet it is they whome we fight for.  There are plenty of pejoratives in common use to dscribe the Gizmo01942’s of the world: “Pukes, Wimps, Pussies, Mooks, Jabrones, just to name a few. But let’s not do that either. After all, it is too tough for even this group.

The one thing people like Gizmo01942 have going for them is sound physical bodies, not painful, beat up, bruised or broken by hard work or military service. Scars, healing, and physical therapy are stuff seen only on TV for this crowd.

Ever notice in the gun debate few liberals actually use their own names? There is a reason for that…They are cowards. And this game creator is no different. Its one thing to create a game anonymously or to log into a publication anonymously and sling arrows, but it all doesn’t really count for much when the same demagogues hide behind pseudonyms.

Let them have their fun. We already know its utter rank hypocrisy, liberal trollism, and rank cowardice in the public arena. Balls is not what they are about.

My name is Richard H. Olson Jr. and I have written every single word posted here.