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Wal-Mart and Virtue-Signalling

Dear Walmart: (or, if you are from Winchester New Hampshire, “deah Walmahts”) Many heartfelt thanks go to Walmart Cuck Executive Officer, Doug McMillon. Thank you ever so much, Miss-ter McMillon for your recent decision to remove certain ammunition sales from all stores. As you know, for a very long time local “Mom and Pop,” gun …

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Quote of the day

‘Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.’ – Winston Churchill

The new civility

Between Saturday’s rally and the big Concord gun show at the Everett arena, I got to spend time with more than 2,000 nice people – mothers, fathers, little ones, oldies but goodies, friends and neighbors.  We talked about common interests – guns, our families, the lovely change in the weather and getting our gardens going; …

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