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by Skip

Cowering Woman

Remember, Progressives hate women defending themselves.  Why?  Well, Susan just posted another case of “what as bad when Republicans did it, but fine when Democrats do it” – their faux cries of “settled law” (here and here).  Here we see the regressive nature of Democrats in trying to reverse the Natural Right to defend yourself.  No longer will it be lawful to defend your home (“castle”) or yourself where ever you happen to be – even if you do not “consent” to give your Right to the State in this regard.

This case illustrates wonderfully, beautifully is the difference:


You have the Natural Right (and responsibility) to defend yourself.  The State should not force you to outsource that to itself.  Remember, the lives of you and your family, loved ones, and friends might depend on it.  Gun Control: firm grip, get the correct sight picture, and keep the muzzle pointed at the evil ones.  Carry on.


You have no right to defend yourself – it is the State’s responsibility to protect and save you.  After all, that is “the common good” part of Government.  Besides, you might hurt others, especially those that are about to attack you, rob you, mug you, or rape you – in fact, we will eventually get to the point of arresting you if you try to defend yourself (hey, look at all the success the Brits have in arresting, prosecuting, and arresting its citizens subjects serfs when hooligans break in with less then stellar intentions); we’ll settle for you waiting around until we finally show up (for now).  You are not a professional so leave it to us – we care (or so we’ll say when we finally arrive at the scene).

After all, we want submissive subservient good folks living in our Progressive Utopia.

And this is part and parcel of the Proper Role of Government: are we Citizens that happen to have a Government here in the Land of the Free, or serfs of the Progressive State where every need will be taken care of (well, the needs that they say we are supposed to have).

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