All we heard was “gay marriage was settled law – leave it alone!!!”

by Skip

Settled Law.  Once again, we see that “settled law” is only for Statist legislature results and not Republican laws.

Yep, that was the mantra of the Democrats who rightly feared that the Republican majority would reverse the law.  We read “Move on!”, “you campaigned on economic not social issues”, “why do you want to hurt people”, and of course, the ever present “Homophobes” (which I have always chuckled over – I have no “fear” of homosexuals as the definition of the word states, but hey, when you merely disagree with the political aims and policies of one of the Democrat protected identity victim groups, be ready for the “you hate babies and puppy dog” attacks).

Anyways, the new NH Reps have been sworn in, leaders chosen, LSR (re: bills to be considered once fleshed out), and now,  the operational rules of the NH House (“how DO we do the things that we do?”) are to be hashed out.  Or, in this 3rd iteration of Really Big Partisan Majority session, what is going to get rammed down somebody’s throat?  It seems that “settled law” is only good for their side of the ledger – everything else is fair game.  Which is, pretty much, going to look like anything that was done in the last session that allowed more power and authority to Individuals; you watch, the Democrats will re-start the Progressive philosophy of re-accruing that power back to Concord and back to the bureaucracies.

Oh wait!  It’s “settled law” (ok, go with me here, “settled rules”).

Item Number One: Committee of Redress of Grievances

Last session, the Constitutional value of individuals seeking justice from the NH House (their legislators) was reconstituted.  Certainly the cases that reached them seemed to be messy but the intent was achieved – individuals had the ability, when all other avenues of help were closed off, to seek assistance in one last court, the General Court of NH.

Well, it seems that it is the intent of the Democrats to get rid of both the Committee on Constitutional Review and Statutory and the Recodification and the Committee on Redress of Grievances.  It also seems that the rules governing the redress of grievances will have no final court of appeal either, the Dems are about to eliminate this Individual ability  to right wrongs.  I received this from Dan Itse:

The rules committee meeting is today at 2PM in Room 301 of the LOB.  Anyone who can show up to put pressure on the leadership will be greatly appreciated.

Why is it, and what is it about our Constitution, that Democrats hate anyways?

Item Number Two: NH State House carry rules (e.g., revert back to being a “victim full zone” )

There was much gnashing of teeth and wailing of the absurd when Republicans allowed for concealed carry of firearms last session.  Of course the Dems and squishes were mightily afraid – “the halls will run red with blood” and “it will be the Wild, Wild West” and “Innocents will die in the cross-fire”.  Overblown and over-hacked; the most “dangerous” things that happened is that a couple Reps dropped their guns; the only “red” seen were blushing faces.

JR Hoell sends this in:

The NH House Rules committee will vote tomorrow at 3pm on making the state house a GUN FREE ZONE The hearing is 2pm at LOB301. Please make every effort to be there to show support for the few that we have in the house who are leading this fight

So, when the Democrats talk about “settled law”, just give them an unsettled look and a disparaging guffaw or three.  That should let them know that they have no more credence on that than their earnest wishes to be “bipartisan across the aisle” on every issue.

Which is to say: not much at all.

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Settled Natural Law: Libs are intellectually inferior.
    – C. dog, Naturalist Esquire

  • Tim from Nashua

    Settled Science!: Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Herb

    That’s why the GOP self destructed in Washington tonight.

    • granitegrok

      No, that happened because of an abandonment of Principles and pretty poor leadership and strategy.

      • Herb

        All of the above and of course the Tea Party signature mental disorder and their intellectually inferior brains.

        • granitegrok

          Pray tell, Herb, why are TEA Party folks intellectually inferior? That want the govt to restrain itself to be within Constitutional limits – what’s inferior about that? After all, it can be modified IF enough people believe your idea is good enough to persuade them.

          They want Government to live within its means – how is it inferior to believe that spending a Trillion bucks a year more than you take in is bad policy or fiscally sound?

          They want free markets – where people decide what they want in voluntary transactions rather than “markets” imposed upon them by Government (or distorting current ones), so how is that inferior?

          • C. dog e. doG

            Get ready for a long delay, Skip. Herb’s trying to figure out gender identity issues, in between bouts of self-loathing.
            – C. dog sniffing out libsanity where’er it grows

          • Herb

            I was throwing back your own asinine name calling that most Tea Partiers excel at. You might want to look in the mirror to get an idea of why the voters in NH threw you out of the State House.

          • C. dog e. doG

            Tit 4 tat, Herb, not that I’m saying you have any … or not. Perhaps you could display sum brains that go with your stunning beauty? By the way, I have never been thrown out of the trough under the gilded dome. I don’t like to visit places where pigs gather because it offends my olfactory sensibilities. How ’bout you?
            – C. dog chasing Vixen and Prancer back to the North Pole

          • granitegrok

            And which asinine would that be? And what study do you quote that allows you to say “most”?

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