Because They Voted Where It Matters

by Steve MacDonald

College kids bussed to polling places by liberals democrats and UNH has an article today observing that pro-obama turnout in New Hampshire’s college towns is less than it was in 2008.  There is very intentional mention of concerns (from folks like myself I assume) about out of state students being used to tip the election; but how no one could ever know how they’d vote, and about the promtion by Democrats of the idea that Republicans were tyring to keep them from voting which is why they should.

So much concern in one tiny little article, complete with deceptions, and a new narrative to plumb.

Well I just happen to have a very workable theory about why turnout in NH College towns was down–something I had not considered checking until now, thank you–and it ties directly to a well worn New Hampshire Democrat excuse about why they support out of state student voting in New Hampshire.


New Hampshire Democrats have always claimed that out of state students should be allowed to vote where it matters (to them, coincidentally.)   The assumption is that if they were to vote absentee in their own home towns like normal people that those votes would most likley be wasted on a Democrat in a solid Republican district, while others would be wasted on a Democrat in a decidely Democrat district that doesn’t need them.

Why waste those votes on Democrats in other states when New Hampshire Democrats need them here?

It is also no mystery that the New Hampshire Democrats and Obama for America did the hard work all summer long of collecting demographic data.  And I do not slight them for the ground game.  They had paid canvanssers, supported with money from all their favorite little helpers, walking every neighborhood, asking who was voting and for whom, and what issues mattered so they could target their campaign material and would have an accurate assessment of where they had the votes and where not.   I congratulate them on good campaigning, superior use of data, and on just being so clever, but we must accept that there was probably another point to it all.  A point that peaked when they acted to overturn the domicile law when they did, with a cherry picked liberal judge, who just signed off on their preffered decision with no chance that it could be overturned–and don’t act coy, we all know who benefitted from all of this.  I did say clever, yes?

The Democrats knew exactly where their voters were, and exactly where they were not, and how many more they needed, and where.

In New Hampshire those votes really (really) mattered (swing state anyone?) we saw large increases in new registrations all over the state, and in no small margin in towns adjacent (and not so adjacent) to New Hampshire’s college towns.  So applying the Democrats ‘vote where it matters’ metric, if you know that 70-80% or more of a town is voting Democrat, and you just happen to have all these indcotrinated vaginas walking around thinking about their “health”–and all these indoctrinated young men pining away for an opportunity to help the young vaginas think about their… ‘health’ (Free contraception at the doo, and maybe free college loans too!), and your party agenda just happens to believe in the idea that out of state college kids should be allowed to “vote where it matters,” why would you simply let them vote in places you know you’ve already won handily?

College students voted where it mattered.  And it didn’t matter in Durham, Hanover, Keene, and Plymouth where Obama was going to win and down ticket races and unwanted amenemdnets were just another minute or two of work once inside the polling place.  And I don’t belive it was just college students, but we can persue those ideas later.

For now consider a story about a bus full of college students showing up, registering, and voting in a town neighboring a more typical NH college town.  Others tell of large numbers of new registrants, many young, showing up in towns all over the state,  dozens here, a few hundred there, as many as 1300 same day registrants in my town of Merrimack (more than 10% of all votes cast)… and the stories are still coming in.

We know that there were as many as 100,000 new same day registrants in a state that averages around 750,000 registered voters.  Some portion of that is most certainly out of state students, who may now account for much as a 10-13% of the electorate in an election in which Democrats did very, very well.  (Registrants who are now on all these towns voter checklists to be tapped at will.)  So well that people are asking questions.

And now we have reports of pro-Obama/Democrat party turn out down a bit in College towns–what has happened after all that hard work the Democrats put in to developing that base?

Coincidence or brilliant political tactics?

I should mention that we know UNH and state Unversity professors were actively recruiting and convincing out of state students to vote here and that they were suggesting they vote Democrat.  We know busses were carrying students to polling places.  We had a large number of same day registrations accross the state.  We also know that without much change in the state of the country from 2010 when Republicans ruled, Democrats manage a signifincat turn around, all at the same time.

And now we have the, the digital portion for the Bostong Globe, the very liberal broadsheet, running narrative cover with a story about lower turnout in of all places…those reliable bastions of liberalsim, New Hampshire College towns.

Yes, Globe, the college towns did have lower turnout, but not because of any lowered enthusiams for Obama among college kids.  It was because the Democrats didn’t need the votes in the college towns; they already owned them and they knew it.  They needed them elswhere, and elswhere is where those votes turned up.

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  • Don

    I was told by a UNH student they were asking them what there party affiliation was before they put them on the bus.

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