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Guest Post: Frank Szabo For Sheriff Of Hillsborough County


Frank Szabo is running for Sheriff of Hillsborough County.

“Constitutional Rights” is a fiction and misleading.  Our Rights are Natural Rights and are unalienable.  The Constitution is a document which defines the government.  It is a document of creation and it is a strict limit on the powers and authority of government.  It does not limit Citizens.  The Rights of Citizens specifically enumerated for protection in the Constitution were those deemed most important for the continuance ofLibertyand Freedom.  It was not a complete list, nor could it be.

Our government was created by the people, for the people.  After the American Revolution, the Citizens became the sovereigns.  As Sovereign Citizens, We The People created local and state governments to ensure peace and prosperity.  The state governments then created the federal government to further ensure those goals.  Nowhere in the formation documents (constitution) is there authority for the creature to direct – or control – its master.  Also, the federal government was never intended to have any direct contact with Citizens.

The Office of the County Sheriff dates back to at least 900 AD in England.  The Sheriff had always been charged with protecting the rights and property of the sovereign.  After the American Revolution, the Office of County Sheriff remained.  At that point, it became the duty and authority of the Sheriff to protect the Rights and property of the Sovereign Citizens – from any unlawful action.

Historical documents and court cases confirm that the Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the county and has no superior.  The Sheriff is elected by the people and is answerable to them alone.  No federal or state agency has authority in the county unless the Sheriff permits it.  If, in the Sheriff’s opinion, a proposed action is unconstitutional, the Sheriff is duty-bound, and authorized, to block it.

County Sheriffs across the country are beginning to re-affirm their role in the checks-and-balances embedded in our Constitutional Republic.  In some western states, water rights are paramount.  The federal Bureau of Land Management has informed some farmers that they must let their crops die; as they may no longer use their own water.  Some County Sheriffs have evicted BLM agents from their county, thereby protecting the lives and property of the Citizens.—FS

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