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Progressive Flatulence

UK TelegraphSo, maybe the $700,000 taxpayer dollars given to UNH to advance the study of “organic farming” was not just a left wing exercise in global warming alarmist advocacy.  Maybe, just maybe, it was not meant to study cow farts.

UNH is defending itself from such charges in a front-page story in today’s Union Leader. Senator Tom Coburn has pinged the project as the ridiculous abuse of federal funding that it is, even if it is for what they claim; improving ‘dairy management’ at large organic farms, like Stoneyfield here in New Hampshire.

Well what about that?

Why are taxpayers fronting the bill for a study on “dairy management” for (or at, or to benefit) Stonyfield farm, run by  prominent New Hampshire Democrat donor Gary Hirschberg, which is majority owned by the billion dollar international private sector conglomerate Danone?  Danone could have easily spent its own money as R&D or donated the necessary funds to UNH for whatever research project they wanted. Why did taxpayers have to shell out for this?

And where is the states interest? Are we expecting an abrupt shift back to an agrarian culture because this appears to benefit the local profit center of a billion dollar company who should be more than able to handle their own ‘Dairy management without help from you and I–beyond our choosing to buy their products of our own free will.

Or is it really all about cow farts and the fraud of global warming, and UNH is too embarrassed to simply admit it?


Image: UK Telegraph  (Picture is not in any way connected to the UNH research…though I suppose it could be.)