The Sweet “Extreme 16”

by Steve MacDonald

Mary Jane Wellner and Marjorie Smith, who head the Committee to elect House Democrats, (and we must assume Ray Buckley) have themselves a new web page.  It’s called the Extreme 16.  It’s some lame left wing fund-raising gimmick that pits 16 Republican House candidates against each other and asks (presumably, Democrat) visitors to vote to decide who the most extreme GOP nominated candidate is. It’s set up like a tournament. The Moon Bat Final Four.

I should give them some credit. This is an excellent way to increase fund-raising – for the 16 candidates they picked.

It’s a rather crappy looking site overall. And I’m not even sure there is a way to make a connection between what the liberals are claiming these people believe and reality, but these are desperate Democrats. So, maybe you can help.

Here’s the opening paragraph in which they accuse the GOP of choosing the worst sort of Right-wing trash.

From constitutional amendments making the state powerless to stop child abuse to resolutions supporting secession from the United States of America – from opposing any education standards for home schooled students, to bigoted and hateful rants on the House floor – the Republican House candidates this year have voted for and are supporting some crazy pieces of legislation.

Blah blah blah…

These are of course outlandish misrepresentations to invigorate a flaccid base. Think of it as ideological Viagra.

So out of the hundreds of GOP candidates, “they” claim to have picked the most extreme 16. I assume “they” to mean the lying, Left Wing, hypocrat, free speech hating, anti-self defense, liberal, vote stealing, private property grabbing,  tax and spend, Marxist, baby-killers known to us as the New Hampshire Democrat party.

Extreme indeed.

So here’s my suggestion. Pick five of the 16 ‘extreme’ candidates and send each of them five dollars; more if you feel so inclined. And while the left has their little twisted tin-foil hat Final Four, we can grab some popcorn and wait for the real whining to begin.

On November 3rd, when the Democrats suffer an extreme electoral beating.

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