“A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” —George Bernard Shaw

This week’s RINO of the WEEK is Representative David H. Kidder, Merrimack District 1, (New London).  Representative Kidder is not new to the RINO REPORT as he was featured as a ROTW on July 15, 2011 during the last legislative session.

RINO of the Week, Representative David H. Kidder, Merrimack Dist. 1

Representative Kidder is the worst kind of RINO there is. Kidder refused to tell citizens where he stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2010 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from VoteSmart. It has been alleged by one of his Danbury constituents that calls about issues important her go ignored. The only public position statement Kidder ever made was about his advocacy for an income tax. Yes…AN INCOME TAX.

On Live Free or Die Alliance Website he responded to a couple of issues, leaving others blank. Kidder is a virtual enigma…that is until one looks at his voting record. The House Republican Alliance rates him at 42%. Cornerstone Policy Research characterizes Kidder as, “Liberal.” The New Hampshire Business and Industry Association gave Kidder a whopping 33%.

Representative David Kidder, not only a liberal, but also is a taxer and a spender, seeking to maintain the status quo on the excesses of state spending, while crying about tax relief coming from an income tax.  Representative Kidder voted  against every gun bill this session and voted with liberals to block a measure that would end forced-paying of agency fees by state employees that are not members of the state employee’s association.

Kidder also voted against:

  • HB 309 sought to repeal seven insurance mandates small businesses have a difficulty paying healthcare to their employees because they simply cannot afford it. Representative Kidder voted against the passage of this bill, demonstrating his fealty to mandated costs that choke New Hampshire businesses.
  •  HB 217 sought to include unborn child in the homicide statutes. Kidder voted against it.
  • HB 383 which would prohibit the collection of certain agency fees from state employees who are not members of the state employees’ association

And after representing his constituents with his big government, big tax, big spend and regulatory ways, Kidder sponsored a bill seeking to ban baiting for Deer.

Representative Kidder is no Republican. He is a big spending, big tax liberal. And for being such, he has garnered the honor of being twice-selected as RINO of the WEEK.