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NH Vote-By-Mail Democrats would rather you forget about Wisconsin

All we are going to hear from the NH Democrat Party is yammering about how DARE we, not all do mail-in voting (er, don’t pay attention to that “ballot harvesting” technique behind the smoke and curtain). And how DARE you put people at risk for simply wanting to exercise their Constitutional Right to vote! 

United States of Anxiety

The Culture Wars Are Here in NH & the Union Leader Buys In!

The Culture Wars Are Here in NH! And the Union Leader Buys In. A recent post by this writer called attention to the ridiculous and insulting reports that the left-wing Democrat Governor of Wisconsin was planning to refer to the state’s Christmas Tree its “Holiday Tree.” So, we now see in today’s Union Leader (Nov. …

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Andrew Gillum for Veep?

Florida is a must win for Democrats in 2020, no doubt.  Without Florida, it’s hard to see a path to victory. So, it stands to reason that the presumptive Democrat nominee, Elizabeth Warren, would be trying to court Andrew Gillum, which was reported earlier by the Daily Beast.  Gillum lost to Republican Governor Ron Desantis …

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