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DISQUS Doodlings – Toilet Tyrannies, Socialist Shower Heads, and Dementia Joe

Over at Treehugger, they continue to rail against people who choose for themselves even over showerheads and toilets. You know, the Chinese Water Torture showerheads that just drips….drips….drips. Then you have the flush a number of times toilet where #2 wants to hang out with you for a couple of days.

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FB Doodlings – Who chooses?

In almost all things, I try to view events or happenings of the day from base Principles. I guess it is the engineer in me combined with having watched, as a political blogger, too many politicians, and bureaucrats say and do say lots of words to get you to “oh, ok” WITHOUT necessarily allowing you …

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Pleasant Lies or Painful Truth

Pleasant Lies or Painful Truth

It is coming time for us to choose between pleasant lies or painful truth. Do federal policymakers really know how to improve productivity in the American economy? The answer seems to be NO. Education is a large sector of the American economy. If educational results are an indication, the answer is definitely in the negative.