The Portland Shooting Could be a "Flashpoint" - Granite Grok

The Portland Shooting Could be a “Flashpoint”

The Portland shooting could be a "flashpoint."

The mayor of Portland, Oregon is an idiot and that’s being kind. He is pleading for an end to the violence. How stupid can one mayor be? Yes, after a person was shot and killed the mayor thinks maybe things have gone too far.

Guess what Mr. Stupid; you gave away control of Portland three months ago. Now you are a spectator just like everyone else.

Portland has been playing catch and release. Local Democrat leadership has declined to enforce the law. They have opposed the federal government doing something to protect tax dollars. They has worked against anything that might have restored order to the city. Stop whining asshats. You asked for this. You protected and promoted this. Quit whining. There undoubtedly is more and worse to come.

There were once again dueling protests in downtown Portland. Joey Gibson told the Associated Press (AP) that the person killed was a member of his group, Patriot Prayer. The specifics of the shooting simply no longer matter. We know the Marxist, Globalist, BLM, Anarchist, and Islamist groups will not stop.

Please stop the whirlwind…

Mayor Stupid is now appealing to people who post on social media they will come to Portland. Oh please do not come… They are coming to avenge the protester’s death. Mayor Stupid is saying he is aware the shooting could become a potential “flashpoint.” Well, do you think? What do you think these people have been working up to for three months? Where the hell have you been Mayor Stupid?

Mayor Stupid you have been pacifying these thugs for months. You did not do your job. You did fail your oath. Mr. Mayor, you have sown the wind and you will reap the whirlwind. That’s the way it works. Funny how people get pretty worked up about having friends and family killed. It’s a new thing, right?

Mayor Wheeler, Mayor Stupid’s actual name, has been under attack from President Trump. Mayor Stupid slams the president for his rhetoric. He said Mr. Trump’s comments were inciting violence. Oh, please, you egg violent protesters on for three months. Then blame Trump? Give me a freaking break. How stupid would we have to be to swallow that? Yup, the Portland shooting could be a “flashpoint.” Thanks for sharing.