Nashua Public Library Introduces "Drag Queen Teen Time" - Granite Grok

Nashua Public Library Introduces “Drag Queen Teen Time”

Drag Queen Time Nashua Library

The Nashua Public library is holding a special event for local teens on January 12th. It’s called Drag Queen Teen Time. When a curious resident emailed the Library to learn more, they did, indeed learn more. Cornerstone Action reports the response.

The Drag Queen Teen Time that we have planned for January is not a drag show, it’s an opportunity for Teens to meet a drag performer in person and ask questions about their art, costuming, makeup, etc.  A program like this is an excellent way for anyone to get accurate,  first-hand information about a current topic that gets a lot of coverage in the media. 

I consider myself to be well connected to the media landscape and culture in general. Where exactly are drag queens “current” and in the news? At the Nashua, Library, apparently. And it’s a thing. The Library is so proud of its upcoming event that they are already considering a Kids’ Drag Queen Storytime beginning in the spring. That’s when drag queens read stories to your children.

What’s All This Then?

So, what’s this really all about? Cornerstone lays it out.

This is not an event that’s about costuming or acting. It’s not even about outreach to LGBT+ youth. This is about grooming minors and normalizing sexual behavior that – for now – is culturally still “adults-only.”

The sexualization of the culture and diminishment of morality. Nothing new about that. The Socialist Democrat program includes all the finest elements of classic Soviet tactics. Undermining morality was #2 if you missed it. This is that. Foster the destabilization of sex and gender roles as healthy. Create a foundation for social justice paradigms. Recruiting foot-soldiers for relativism. Poison the morality well until it is undrinkable.

The Nasua Library is doing its part to help that along.

It’s not harmless. The proliferation of the idea that his is healthy is a form of child abuse.

Visit cornerstone for more details and some thoughts on how you might respond.