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Texas vs. New Hampshire (Vaccine Passports)

THIS: THIS is how a REAL Republican State deals with the issue of “vaccine passports.” An unequivocal NO. And it bears noting that the NO represents a rejection of the libertarian/Kochian pablum that free-market capitalism means that government must let private business dehumanize us and invade our privacy … don’t like showing your proof-of-vaccine at Walmart, …

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Louis XIV, King of France, also known as the Sun King, reputedly said, I AM THE STATE. Chris Sununu, Governor of New Hampshire, said when asked to stop infringing our constitutional rights under the pretext of fighting coronavirus, I AM THE CONSTITUTION.

Sununu Sun King Laughing

The Predictable, Ugly, Violent Consequences of “CRITICAL RACE THEORY”

This: And this … CRITICAL RACE THEORY … is what Chris Sununu, and his fellow NHGOP-Corporatists, want indoctrinated in New Hampshire schools and New Hampshire businesses … IN ORDER TO SERVE THEIR WOKE CORPORATE MASTERS (and keep the corporate donations flowing). Never forget whose side Sununu and the Corporatist-NHGOP are on … IT’S NOT YOURS.

COVID and Cross-Fit

This: And … the fact of the matter is … she is right. A recent CDC study found that nearly 80% of people hospitalized for COVID were overweight or obese. By closing gyms, Sununu and the other lockdown Governors were actually making matters worse.

FL Governor Ron DeSantis Issues Executive-Order Banning “Vaccine-Passports” … Sununu Doesn’t

Here is the Executive Order issued by Florida (America’s) Governor Ron DeSantis: Section 2 contains the operative language: Section 2. Businesses in Florida are prohibited from requiring patrons or customers to provide any documentation certifying COVID-19 vaccination or post-transmission recovery to gain access to, entry upon, or service from the business. Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, despite the woke-lawyers at the New Hampshire Department of Justice …

FL Governor Ron DeSantis Issues Executive-Order Banning “Vaccine-Passports” … Sununu Doesn’t Read More »