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Ludwig von Mises

Notable Quote – Ludwig von Mises

Those that accept this premise totally ignore that some of those “wretched underlings” rise to be able to manipulate the Government’s levers of Powers.  Thus, this narrative von Mises has made sport of, is totally untrue and broken.

How Much More Does The State Deserve Your Money Than You?

Keep in mind that New Hampshire Democrats want to spend your money to achieve  immediate government growth of about 9-10% Dennis Delay of the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies told the Senate Ways and Means Committee Tuesday that New Hampshire’s recovery from the Great Recession is lackluster. … Delay predicted the state’s …

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All Hail King Reggie (RGGI)

…you can make excuses, legislate give backs that will only grow the taxpayer funded bureaucracy to manage them, tie our exit to yet another outside power (like some other state), or just bend over and kiss King Reggies….ring. Yes.  All hail king Reggie.  Long may he tax us without fear of retribution.

Jack Kimball Wins

Most everyone will know by now that the GOP convention was a rousing affair, very goodhearted and unifying overall, and that Jack Kimball is the New Party Chairman.

Sununu’s Successor “Chosen?”

James Pindell is reporting that Governor Sununu plans to endorse Cheshire County Republican Chair Juliana Bergeron as his replacement in what seems to be a power sharing deal that allows Governor Sununu to exercise the “You better choose the right person” clause from his formal letter to the party. (Which Skip went over here)

Just Do It!

I am growing weary of this game. We can no longer wait for the current NH State GOP chairman to tell us once and for all what his intentions are. I’m not even sure why we are waiting. GraniteGrok has video of the announced retirement from the Cornerstone Dinner.