“Honor Your Oath” Rally – Skip Murphy, co-founder GraniteGrok - Granite Grok

“Honor Your Oath” Rally – Skip Murphy, co-founder GraniteGrok

Yeah, they let me speak as well and I was asked to speak on “self-responsibility” in terms of “Honoring Your Oath”.  Unlike most that spoke, I gave mine as a locally elected official in my town – and yes, I paid attention to it twice and I still do today.  I tried to do what I did mindful of that Oath, for once a promise is given, it should be kept.  Given that it was handling other peoples’ money as a Budget Committee member, I often thought of these (“It is not mine to give”: here, here, here, and here).

WMURNo, Jimmie Pindell of WMUR, this was not a gun rally (even as TMEW reported that WMUR called it one; I guess they really didn’t listen to what Jeff Chidester said it WAS and what it was NOT.  Simply, they either didn’t REALLY cover the rally, only bothered to show up for a snippet of the rally, or just plain made it up.

Let me ‘splain what the rally was a bit more:

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