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Side effects

Creating a Preference Tsunami

In a recent Quick Takes post I had, as the third item, three Bill Whittle videos all about conformity and brainwashing and how we often subsume our own independence to “go along to get along” with the crowd.

Play the Clottery

Cartoon: Play the Clottery

The term “clottery” comes from this post; Why the DeathJabbed will insist to their dying breath that YOU must play the Clottery too: Anger, Hatred, Jealously & Fear, synthesized in one word: SPITE

Scientist lab tech science

The Jab: Criminal-Scale Negligence

I make my living in a STEM field – such has been my one and only career. I have designed and run experimental trials on myriad occasions (one such trial I did resulted in such a detailed report that the compliments for my thoroughness were legion from across the company).