"If They Get Jabbed after Watching This They Are Beyond Saving" - Granite Grok

“If They Get Jabbed after Watching This They Are Beyond Saving”

Vaccine shot innoculation the jab

If you’d like a catch-all look at everything wrong with the current wave of public-health inoculation nuttiness, we’ve found it. This short video is loaded with details you can use and share with anyone on the fence about the pressure politics or the actual jab.

The headline is theirs; SHARE with Loved Ones: If They get Jabbed after watching this They Are Beyond Saving, and the video covers a range of topics but focuses on the growing list of ‘complications’ associated with this experimental something (it’s not a vaccine).

Find out what’s in it, that we know of, how it was “approved” for emergency use, how no one knows how it will interact with your organs or other drugs you use, and a bunch of stuff that will drive the fake-fact-checkers crazy

So yeah, the Karens will watch which means we should too. So, here it is!