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Last Chance — Support ‘Grok by Supporting RKBA

Having failed at his attempt to undermine voting rights, and throw money at ‘infrastructure’, President* Biden is now taking aim at guns, so to speak. Lacking support in Congress, he’s likely to be limited to issuing executive orders making it illegal for ‘rogue gun dealers’ to do things that are already against the law. But …

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Jesus AR 15

Quick Shot: How Many AR-15’s Did Jesus Own?

Without meaning to, fame-seeking, tragedy milking, anti-gun muppet, (and aspiring Pillow entrepreneur) David Hogg proved why we need firearms. In this tweet from 2019, he invokes Jesus to make a case for civilian disarmament. It doesn’t go the way he planned.

Protect NH

Protect Our Second Amendment Rights [Link Fixed]

The New Hampshire Second Amendment Preservation Coalition presently consists of a small group of NH citizens and Second Amendment supporters who have felt a call to action to inform others of the impending threat of grossly restrictive firearms legislation and executive actions. These actions if passed would directly impinge on our US and NH rights …

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