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“HAMMER”, “SCORECARD” And the Political Crime of the Century


We all know that Democrats and their Big Media, Big Tech, and Big Money allies, are all political cheats.  Network newscasts serve as the Democrats’ Ministry of Propaganda with the vigor, which would make the old USSR’s PRAVDA blush in awe.

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Twitter and Facebook censor conservative messaging in ways that would make the Chinese Communist Party proud.

The blocking of Republican poll watchers facilitates rampant vote-counting cheats in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Wisconsin registering more votes in this election than there are registered voters in the State.

Ballot counting in the swing states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada “mysteriously stopped” in the wee hours of Wednesday morning when our President held significant leads, only to find that hundreds of thousands of ballots had been processed (by someone?) when the counting restarted in the morning which favored Mr. Biden at a rate of 97% – 3%.

These are all the well-known election stealing techniques of the Democrats and their friends.

But these tactics are all “innocent child’s play” compared to the mechanism that has been used to steal the 2020 election.   The first hint of the treachery surfaced in Antrim County, Michigan, on election night when an election official discovered that vote tabulation software furnished by Dominion Voting Systems mysteriously “flipped” 6000 votes from Trump to Biden.  (DVS reportedly has ties to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and is also used in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Georgia).


According to a bombshell revelation by 3 star General Thomas McInerney (USAF Retired), the CIA developed a Supercomputer program in the early 2000s, which was used to spy on ForNats called “The HAMMER.”  This software included an exploit which was called “The SCORECARD,” which could be used to alter vote tabulation processes in foreign elections remotely.

According to General McInerney, when President Barrack Obama became aware of this software in 2009, he became intrigued by the possibility of using this code to alter the results of American elections. According to “The Whistleblower Tapes” which were audio recordings “surreptitiously recorded” and “inadvertently released” from the courtroom of US District Court Judge G. Murray Snow in December of 2015, Obama deployed “The SCORECARD” onto Florida election computers to steal the 2012 Presidential Election from Mitt Romney.

Reportedly, the software is implemented as a “man in the middle hack” which intercepts vote transfers between individual vote tabulation machines and the central vote data hub, and, unless both sides are simultaneously looking for irregularities, it is nearly impossible to catch.

It is insidious because it is also aware of how many votes the winning candidate is ahead by and uses that information to determine how many votes the Losing candidate needs to make up, and distributes these “extra votes” a “few at a time” to avoid detection further.

Whereas no one believed that Donald Trump had a prayer of defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016, the software was never deployed for that election. But for the 2020 election, “the fix is in” (and this is the reason that Joe Biden got to hang out in his basement instead of campaigning), and our only hope to prevent the Marxist takeover of our Nation at this point would seem to be the intervention of the US Supreme Court.

Please say a prayer for our Supreme Court justices because this will take a lot of COURAGE!  Marxists take no prisoners.

Those of you who think that the Republican majority in the US Senate will save us from this impending Marxism are fools. At best, we will have a two-vote majority in the Senate, and human life has no value to Marxists (especially if those are lives of souls who are not aligned with their Marxist ideology), so it should surprise no one if a couple of Republican Senators in Democratic governed states turn up dead, and those Democratic Governors appoint Democratic senators on an interim basis to fill those seats.

At that point, VP Harris will break the tie, and the coup de’tat will be complete.  It is foreseeable in just one single piece of legislation, the filibuster will be abolished, DC and PR will become states, the Supreme Court will be packed, our Constitutional Republic will abruptly grind to an end, and the whole country will be governed in the same way that they govern Philly, Chicago, Seattle, and Portland…  Mob rule where competition is never allowed under fear of violence and disconnection from the system of Government largess.

Pater Noster, dona nobis pacem.