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O’Brien to Endorse Gingrich; Horn will Endorse Romney

The Manchester Union Leader is reporting today that House Speaker Bill O’Brien plans to formally endorse Newt Gingrich today.  This was noted last week but not formally stated.

“I want a candidate who has a clear understanding of conservative philosophy. I look for someone who has good instincts, someone who is intelligent and has great leadership and an ability to articulate the philosophy of our party and his own goals.

“Speaker Gingrich has all of that,” O’Brien said.

Former CD-2 Congressional candidate Jennifer Horn will endorse Mitt Romney today, and has been selected as co-chair of Romney’s national grass-roots committee.  (Let’s see – Ayotte is on the VP list, endorses Romney; Horn gets national committee co-chair, endorses Romney– Oh, did I write that out loud?)

Horn said she is backing Romney because “it is very important that we have a nominee who will not only lead from the right but has also lived the kind of life of integrity and character that we expect from our national leader.”

She even manages to get a dig in at Newt.  Although I have to say, “lead from the right” is just a bit too vague for my primary tastes.  Mittens tends to lead from whichever direction he thinks will get him the most votes or he tosses some of that ample cash around to grease the skids.

So nothing new to see here.  TEA party liberty folks who are not Ron Paul Zombies, like Jack Kimball and Bill O’Brien, are going Newtular, and beneficiaries of TEA party liberty momentum are lining up for Romney-establishment hand outs. (Did I write that out loud as well?)

Gotta love primary season in New Hampshire.  The real question, of course; whose feelings will get hurt most?