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Not Guilty!

Kyle Rittenhouse (on th eground) Screen grab video care of NYP

Well, after seeing the Kyle Rittenhouse trial on TV I feared leftist pressure would pervert our justice system. However, twelve people, good and true, pronounced him “not guilty” on all counts.

Of course the Left is going nuts, many still sound like they spent their time watching Andy Griffin reruns and expecting a white man defending himself against a violent, leftist criminal mob had to be found guilty. Just because he was white and carrying (legally) an AR style rifle.  With their dreams of putting a nail in the coffin of gun rights shattered, off they go on Stage Two of their injustice campaign peppered with unrighteous indignation. How could this happen? Rittenhouse had no right to defend himself?

Even the “black victims thing” is pulled out though no blacks were shot, only white attackers.

So ask yourself: where is the racism here? It’s only in the minds and hearts of those on the Left who seek to exploit blacks just as the Democratic Party has always done since it’s inception more then a hundred years ago. Only now, its leaders are far more Marxist than Democrat.

In Chicago, Jesse Jackson and a band of the usual suspects paraded the city calling for, get this, a true COMMUNIST REVOLUTION. It’s now clear where the true values of these activist leftists lay.

They should be very careful what they wish for as expecting even rank and file Democrats to support that call for the violent over throw of Constitution and Government will be rejected and affect coming elections of which the prospects for Democrats are currently looking grim already. Add to that, the riots, looting, and burning demonstrations hoped for by Leftist media response had to have had a good dose of cold water thrown onto it after the Rittenhouse acquittal.

Americans do have the right to bear arms and use them if attacked. (Keeping in mind, gun owners, that’s only if/when attacked.)

Still, we can not take for granted all the currently elected persons are dedicated to Constitutional and American values. We must turn out in great numbers and vote those (of any party) who are not out of those seats, and vote to keep those that are, in.

This is an American value.