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House Votes 419-6 to Repeal Obama Care Cadillac Tax


Once the Unions read it and found out what was in it, they pushed back. Yes, socialized medicine is something the left desires. And Obama Care was the groundwork for that. But like all tyrannies, you have to dance with them that brought you, at least at first.

We like to talk about the young socialists on the prowl to unseat the stodgy old Democrat world order. But before that, there were the unions. We used to make jokes about how they are run by the mob. Now it’s worse. Pro-Marxist forces took over their leadership years ago. And like any good crony, it expects special treatment from its comrades in political places.

Obama Care was meant to spearhead a political takeover of medical care. Given the day and age, it had to appear to pay for itself. So, mechanisms were littered in with the lies to get it past the sleepy palace-gate guards.

The individual mandate – the fine for not playing, was one tax (since repealed). The levy on policies arbitrarily labeled as premium plans was another. Dubbed the Cadillac tax, it was imagined to punish the wealthy for having the financial freedom to afford better coverage. What it did was punch public sector unions and their members in the groin.

For decades they’d screwed state and local taxpayers into backstopping premium plans. The Cadillac tax would cost them a fortune. 

Obamacare included the provision of the 40 percent tax on generous insurance policies with lots of benefits and perks. The problem is, many companies offer such insurance policies to attract and keep good workers, and many unions negotiated such insurance packages as benefits for members in lieu of higher wages.

Had the tax gone into effect, companies would have had to either reduce the value of policies offered to avoid the tax or raise prices on consumers in order to absorb the cost of the tax.

The tax never went into effect. There were repeated delays. But now a bill has passed to end it. “The measure passed the House by a margin of 419-6 and will now head to the Republican-controlled Senate.”

And why not?

The Left’s new obsession is the  Medicaid for All Deathblow! The single-payer system they’ve been waiting for means they don’t need that tax anymore. No more living a lie that “if you like your plan, you can keep it.” When it comes to medical care coverage, it can only come from the left, and there can be only one.

We’d be obliged if you do your darndest to stop that from happening. It’s not that difficult to stop — just don’t vote Democrat.