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Red Rover in Dover

In Norwegian, apparently, Røver means Pirate.  I won’t hold fast to that definition.  I just learned it on Wikipedia, which is about as reliable as a school board in Dover spending your tax dollars to pay lobbyists to push legislation you may not support.  Which is what I mean by pirate.  The Dover school board, …

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The Bill Wouldn’t Cover Bloggers, He Said.

Jeb Bradley is a primary sponsor of New Hampshire Senate Bill 120. Senate Republican Leader Jeb Bradley is proposing changes to New Hampshire’s election laws so voters will know who is paying for negative television campaign ads and material mailed to their homes. That’s the sell for the low information voter, but the Boston.com article even had …

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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…Obama Is Responsible For

This is too good not to borrow and re-post.  Dana Loesch–whom we saw at RightOnline this year–reports on the most recent Obama distraction–Romney..something something…and follows with a reminder that most of Obama’s defenders are funded by a guy with way more money (Soros) than Romney.  She then provides a list of links to things about …

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Gambling? Seriously?

The success of any move to add Casinos to New Hampshire will hinge on the Libertarian Republicans currently crowding the House and their ability to override a likely Lynch veto.  While I am on their side in almost every other case, when it comes to casinos we part ways, and not for the reasons you …

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