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Want To End Federal Corruption?


Power is the fuel of corruption. Do you think that corruption, fraud and abuse at the federal level are a serious problem? Are lobbyists and bureaucrats the movers of the levers of power? Do you think the current system undermines the will of the people while at the same time growing the bank accounts of the elite? Okay, why don’t we do something about it?

It is it possible to end the corruption in the District of Columbia. It is possible to reduce federal regulations, federal mandates, to end deficit spending and unwanted policy dictation. True, Washington will never fix itself, but it is possible to end the corruption.

What do we need to understand?

Our politicians promise to make progress for working families. They promise to raise wages, end gun violence, and lower health-care costs. Can you hear the lobbyists snapping their briefcases shut as they rush off to “help”? That’s right they are in a hurry to craft all those new laws and regulations. Wait, isn’t that what we wanted to end?

The pocket full of mumbles our politicians give us fall into two basic categories. They promise to address corruption in the District of Columbia. They promise to give us good things like higher wages, a society without gun violence, better, cheaper health care, and free education to name just a few. At what point are we going to recognize these two sets of objectives work against each other?

When is common sense going to kick in? When will we ask: Why do lobbyists flock to Washington? Why do big companies, big labor and activists channel their money to federal officials? The answer is right in front of us. The tiny, elite group of people controlling the levers of power so strongly, has done so for so long, that there’s no mountain they can’t move.

What do we need to do?

There is a solution. Ready? Brace yourself… The solution is to give power back to the states. That’s where average Americans can provide real accountability to their elected officials. That’s where the power rightly resides. That is where the U.S. Constitution as written and intended places it. All powers not specifically enumerated in the Constitution accrue to the states and the people.

The solution is not complex and it should not be difficult. About half the powers given to the federal government are related to defense, most of the rest are related to commerce with the balance relating to what the federal government can do in the physical locations where it operates. Did you notice there was no mention of Obamacare, the departments of Energy, Education, Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, sanctuary cities or foreign aid?

When most public policies are made at the state level, as they should be, citizens will be able to see what is happening. Transparency is increased. The people can be involved in the process. It’s easier for us to visit and communicate with our state legislators. It is easier to help them understand the issues from our point of view.


Forcing Washington back into its constitutional box diffuses its power. Much of it properly belongs back at the state level. Limiting the federal government to those few specific responsibilities it was intended to oversee removes the incentive for big corporations and special interests to concentrate their influence on a few officials, far from the people. Power is the fuel of corruption. If we want to end corruption in the District of Columbia, it’s time to cut off the fuel supply.