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The Left’s Get Money Out of Politics Lie – A Primer, or Perhaps Just a Reminder.


Hillary Clinton’s campaign spent over 730 million dollars in the 2016 presidential election. That does not include any in-kind, third party expenses, or the endless positive earned media. That’s a lot of money on Hillary’s politics. And she lost. But we’re to believe that money in politics is a problem.

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Jeb Bush outspent everyone in the Republican primary, and how’d that work out? Jeb who?

Let’s be clear. There is a problem but it’s not the one on which Democrats like Kirsten Gillibrand (and all the rest) are focused. Theirs is a political effort to regulate campaign speech they don’t like. Speech you can see out in the open. You may not always know who paid for it, but it’s in your face. Democrats can’t control it. So, their ‘get money out of politics scams are focused on that.

Not money, but how it is spent to thwart their political ambitions.

If they succeed, it will make the actual money in politics problem worse.

Taking away someones ability to spend money before an election does not end their interest. They’ll still be taxed and regulated. Given that the sort of people who would rob them (and you) of that voice also happen to be the same folks likely to tax and regulate more, speaking to government becomes more critical. How do they do that?

Lobbyists. Lawyers. Swamp Rats. Most of them liberals.

Let’s think about that. The Democrats make campaign speech difficult, burdensome, problematic. They mine the field to keep almost everyone but the big players out. People with a staff, and lawyers, and a budget for fines should they step in the wrong spot – by accident or deliberately during an election. That’s what happens.

After the election, the big players head down to Washington and hire more lawyers and lobbyists. And not just to try and keep the jackboot off your neck (or on your competitions) but to play big money lotto.

What do you do?  What do your “main street” small business owners do? Nothing. They get shut down by byzantine leftist “get money out of politics laws” that do the opposite, and now there’s almost no way for anyone else to get a voice in DC, and oh, you neither. Unless you are a big player with deep pockets.

The Left’s fix for getting money out of politics is a fix for keeping the wrong money out of elections (yours and mine) and making sure the right money (influence peddling) stays in play, especially inside the Beltway where you won’t see it.

But wait, there’s more!

The so-called transparency rules they talk so much about are to make sure that when the wrong people spend money on the wrong issues (or candidates), they’ll know who you are; so if you become an influencer they can manage you as needed. We saw a bit of that under the Obama Administration with the IRS targeting, leaking donor lists, that sort of thing. Expect more of the same.

Are you seeing it?

The Left’s entire money in politics scheme is a fraud designed to funnel more influence into places in the Nation’s capital (and State Capitols too) where you can’t play. It puts more money into politics not less, mostly out of sight.

By the way, over 50% of Hillary’s horde of campaign cash came from three states. California, Illinois, and New York. Her top three donors by occupation? Big bankers, Lawyers and lobbyists, and retired bankers, lawyers, and lobbyists.

Guess who wants Democrats to implement those ‘get money out of politics’ laws?